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John Jacobs Eyewear - Premium Sunglasses and Eyeglasses

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John Jacobs Blog - Eyewear Trends

  • The Only Sunglasses You Will Fall For, This Fall

    The Only Sunglasses You Will Fall For, This Fall

    Finding a pair of sunglasses is a lot like crushing hard on someone.

    You stare at them long enough, wonder if they are cute, try to get your #squad to pass a verdict, only to realize that the options out there are boundless!

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  • Game of Frames

    Game of Frames

    Your favorite Game of Thrones characters in their John Jacobs eyewear avatar!

    If the Westerosi wall fell down (hmm..about that though..) and their world came alive in the John Jacobs universe, what would it be like (besides being freezing cold, basically)?

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  • His & Hers

    His & Hers

    There are two kinds of couples.

    The first kind sits on opposite sides of the table. They eat from different plates and have different views on the same subjects. Basically, normal people.

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  • A New Vogue

    A New Vogue

    Fashion isn't for everyone.

    Or at least, that’s how it used to be. In a time when elite fashion houses catered to an elite few and expensive labels were the sole domain of high society, high fashion was well out of reach of the average person walking down the road. 

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