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Witness The New Us

Witness The New Us




“The spirit of innovation and experimentation is at the heart of John Jacobs' new brand identity. The evolution of our brand's visual language, tone and presentation is a reflection of our expanding role in the eyewear industry. Today, we're embarking on a new journey, keeping a firm grasp on the pulse of the zeitgeist while making room for bold voices and iconic visions."
- Apeksha Gupta, CEO, John Jacobs

John Jacobs has evolved since its inception from being a challenger brand, to a major global player in the eyewear industry. We’re now at a new era of our brand identity, where our tone, style, flair and look has been transformed to reflect the brand’s growth and evolution. Retaining our core principles, such as material innovation, high-performance optometry, exacting quality standards, approachable pricing and an undeniable eye for style, we’ve reframed the brand to truly reflect our ultimate goal, influence, and a relentless passion for experimentation. Welcome to the new us.


A willingness to experiment and reframe one’s individuality is at the heart of our new brand identity. Curated and more stylized than ever before, we’re reinventing the wheel of eye-fashion. With every new collection and new campaign, expect a more immersive experience. Acetates are about to get bolder, metalworks are sure to get more chiseled, and our material innovation continues as we bring you intricately detailed fusion frames. Our brand’s imprint on the products is about to go to the next level. All things will be revealed in good time - but stay tuned for a serious eye-fashion renaissance!


Today, fashion is undeniably vibrant and fast-paced. We live in a world where every element of your look can be switched up and made anew, and eyewear is not an exception to this tenet. Bringing you thoughtful designs, exciting seasonal trends, mastery of materials and a wide range of eyewear that’s priced to play, we’re all about adding that unexpected touch to your dresser.


Crafted to mirror two ‘J’s, standing for ‘JJ’, and also to denote a person donning stylish eyewear, our new brand logo establishes a refined look and identity for the brand. Set within a circle, you are sure to see our new pictorial representation across various content channels.


We’re getting a lot more detail-oriented about how you can shop and select your eyewear. With a brand-new website, optimized for ease of access and enhanced user experience, our communications have leveled up to give you all the information you need in a compact manner, at the tip of your fingers. Coupled with a strategy to keep you abreast of the latest developments in eye-tech, our cutting-edge eyewear features across social media to ensure iconic eye-fashion choices.


We’ve majorly switched up the way we present ourselves visually, with emotive iconography and typefaces. Giving our brand its sharp edge and a composed personality, our new typography, icons and design language has undergone a major transformation. Reflective of our ever-evolving nature, our brand-new look resonates on multiple levels for a fresh and renewed perspective.


While we’ve changed so much, a lot of our core values remain. One of the major tenets we hold close to our hearts is a customer-oriented approach to everything we do. We’re always looking for ways to resonate and rub shoulders with the JJ Fam. With new additions such as Platinum Membership, JJ VIP Access events, expressive storytelling and ace collaborators on campaigns, we aim to be a part of the zeitgeist in an impactful way.


We’re at the helm of a technological revolution in fashion. Signaling winds of change, our new era has opened doors for us to take the first step towards this inevitability. In tandem with our rebranding, we’ve also released our first-ever digital campaign, Surrealist. Featuring change-makers and pioneering characters, crafted in 3D for an immersive experience, the Surrealist edit has allowed us to put together our campaign assets with minimal real-life resources spent - such as flights to a particular shoot location, the sourcing or stitching of physical clothing, and more. Furthermore, we’ve been able to create a surreal virtual world, populated by diverse characters that reflect our commitment to inclusivity. The fantastical aspect of this virtual experience is something that wouldn’t have been possible IRL. Our preliminary campaign since the rebranding, Surrealist represents so much of who we were, who we’re becoming and where we’re headed in the future.


In-keeping with our commitment to enhanced customer experience, delight and satisfaction, we’ve ramped up our efforts to make John Jacobs a seamlessly omnichannel brand. Our retail presence today spans over 1200+ Lenskart touch-points globally - not to mention JJ’s flagship stores in 7 of India’s major cities. Online, we’re not just available on our website, but also leading marketplaces like Amazon, Myntra, Nykaa Fashion, Noon, Flipkart and Tata Cliq; we’ve ensured you get to shop whenever, wherever, your way.


Change is never easy, but usually worth it. With our amazing customers, engaged audiences and a fantastic team on our side, we’re excited and proud to present the next phase in John Jacobs’ journey. See you soon - with a brand new view!

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