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How To Bring The Bridgerton Look Into 2022

How To Bring The Bridgerton Look Into 2022


10 Eye-Pieces Bridgerton Characters Would Rock In 2022


Dearest Reader, did you think we’d let this OTT crossover moment happen without us? You thought wrong! As fans of the Bridgertons, this eye-fashion article was inevitable.

Bridgerton style is not only popular in clothing, but also seamlessly translates to modern accessories like sunnies and eyeglasses. If you would like to discover your Bridgerton look, or want a peek at the characters through our lenses - keep reading!


Fiercely feminine, confident and outspoken, Kate is a crowd-favourite. Her spirited personality reflects well in her fashion choices. We are sure that her Bridgerton style in 2022 would be sleek, sophisticated and rich in colour.

Steal The Look: Kate featured in several lilac coloured gowns, bustiers and jewellery. Our refined and streamlined Tatum cat-eye glasses come in a vivid, lilac metallic finish and are the perfect tribute to Kate’s style sensibilities!


Anthony Bridgerton is about high character, attention to detail and duty. His classic and neat aesthetics mean that he would sport the most versatile and dapper fashion in 2022. Always in need of a look within, Anthony is sure to appreciate top-notch construction and sophisticated design.

Steal The Look: It’s Denzel all the way, for Anthony’s Bridgerton look! This classic eye-piece is outfitted with modern functionalities and a striking 2-toned aviator-shaped frame.


Eloise Bridgerton is the endearing bookworm we can all relate to on some level. Season 2 surprised us with a look at her rebellious side, and we suspect her sartorial choices in the modern age would be similarly astonishing!

Steal The Look: Our ace eye-catcher, Laurel, is surely Eloise’s staple Bridgerton look. Featuring deep teal tones and a unique texture, these rich acetate frames are the best reading partner one could ask for.


Season 1 gave us a nail-biting cliff-hanger; while revealing that it is indeed Ms Penelope Bridgerton who is the infamous Lady Whistledown. While the show has established that yellow is the colour she wears well, another shade she sports bracingly is peach.

Steal The Look: We can just picture Penelope running the most high-profile gossip blog in 2022, typing away while wearing our stunning Cereus metal + acetate fusion frames. A little bit of colour and glamour is what it takes for a striking Bridgerton look, after all!


Artistic, introspective and handsome Benedict is touted to be the central figure in Season 3 of the show - and we can hardly wait. His timeless attire and love for flamboyance would blend seamlessly into his 2022 Bridgerton style!

Steal The Look: Dante, with elegant end-pieces and lightweight wearability fits right into Benedict’s Bridgerton look. Rimless and poetic, these refined eyeglasses are sure to add sophistication to any outfit.


The sweet, graceful Edwina is just as proficient at capturing hearts as she is of turning heads with her jaw-dropping good looks. This elegant character is guaranteed to imbibe her love for pastels and precious metals into her present-day eye-fashion picks.

Steal The Look: Duchamp is a genteel pair, the ideal companion to Edwina’s sartorial excellence. Lightweight, metallic, softly rounded and dual-toned, this retro-chic pair makes for a beautiful Bridgerton look!


Lady Danbury’s crisp and opulent Bridgerton style never goes unnoticed. The character is known for owning every room and commanding respect and admiration - qualities that are sure to bleed in her 2022 looks.

Steal The Look: Eye-catching, yet sophisticated - Frida is a quietly confident beauty. Her rouge colouring with golden details are just the right amount of drama for the authoritative presence of Lady Danbury.


The premier protagonist of Bridgerton in season 1, Daphne is quite the fixture on the show. Last season particularly witnessed her dainty, but highly effective Bridgerton look. Her modern-day style would strongly feature soothing colours, femninine shapes and contemporary detailing.

Steal The Look: Daphne would shine her it-girl vibes on the world in our Moonstone sunnies. Always in with the latest in fashion, she would take these stunning cat-eye transparents for a spin in ultimate Bridgerton style.


Retro-chic and suave, the Duke of Hastings plucked many heartstrings in season 1. This willful character would bring his smooth-talking panache into his styles choices in 2022, with a pair of classic clubmaster sunnies!

Steal The Look: Ramones need no introduction. These sunglasses compliment the Duke’s dapper Bridgerton style dresses with a touch of vintage glamour. Featuring a staple clubmaster shape, these stunners are a timeless selection.


The Queen’s plush palatial style is only rivalled by her big personality. Her aesthetic in 2022 would of course be unabashed glamour and time-tested style choices. Always on the lookout for the diamond, she is sure to curate the best of eye-fashion for her Bridgerton style.

Steal The Look: Featuring sleek Titanium temples for high performance and deep wine coloured tints, Airelle is every Queen’s birthright. If you’d like to strike a pose like a royal, give this one a whirl!


If you, reader, find yourself typing ‘daphne makeup look’ or ‘how to look like daphne bridgerton’ into google: This one’s for you.

*Disclaimer: Character images are used for entertainment purposes only.


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