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10 Trendy Sunglasses For Outdoor Activities

10 Trendy Sunglasses For Outdoor Activities


10 Trendy Sunglasses For Outdoor Activities


Sunglasses are undeniably a style statement. But did you know that they are also a key tool for safety and protection during outdoor activities? Chic sunglasses not only make you look good but also help you stay safe and comfortable when you’re outside. Sunglasses are every bit as essential as bug repellents or SPF in the great outdoors.

We’ve curated a list of 10 of our trendiest sunglasses for men and women, that are sure to meet your needs and accompany you on your outdoor adventures in style. Scroll on for some major fashion inspo!



One of the safest outdoor activities to do in the new normal is to go for a long drive or ride with a loved one and have a picnic at a spot that’s filled with natural beauty. Take in the stunning views with sleek UV protected sunglasses that are sure to soothe your vision. 

Style it with JJ: Don our classic JJ S13228 wayfarers on your next ride and claim the road with panache. Fashion tip, you ask? Well, there are very few things that pair as well as biker jackets and wayfarer sunglasses.



No, we don’t mean go on a vacation in these turbulent times. However, if you find yourself free on an odd day, drive by some of the local sights in your city and revisit their grandeur through polarised sunglasses in styles as classic as your view. 

Style it with JJ: Wear your wanderlust on your sleeve with JJ S12808. We may not be able to travel the way we want but we can certainly let our spirits soar high with some vacay-inspired fashion! 



Going for a walk, a jog or simply doing yoga outdoors in the wee hours of the morning? As you stretch those muscles, don’t forget to don chic sunglasses that will not only protect you from dust fragments, but will also compliment your cool workout #ootd.

Style it with JJ: Wear JJ S13082 transparent acetate sunnies and athleisure clothing to rock sophisticated style with a new-age attitude. Get jogging!



If you are lucky enough to be living in a city or a town that is close enough to the ocean for an occasional beach visit - what are you waiting for? Carry a bottle of wine, and enjoy a sunset by the sea in gleaming metallic framed sunglasses that are sure to reflect the beauty of your view! 

Style it with JJ: Go for JJ S12473, which is framed in light yet durable steel. The classic square shape and sophisticated tint featured in this design is sure to be an evening hit.



Can we all just admit that there is nothing cooler than a pair of cat-eye sunglasses? Take a break from your WFH duties by scheduling a hangout with your friends on the roof and don’t forget to look chic in sleek cat-eye frames!

Style it with JJ: Opt for a fan-favourite - our bestselling JJ S12045, which is uniquely designed to exude a ‘too cool for school’ vibe. Lowkey, but with a dash of drama is the name of the game.



Although your travel plans may be on hold for a while longer, your mind can always go on adventures through a book! Get some fresh air, peace and inspiration with an outdoor reading nook. What better way to do that than with sleek metal framed sunglasses that feature prescription lenses?

Style it with JJ: Get JJ S12829 for sunglasses with power customized to your prescription and ensure uncompromised visibility every time you go out. Stay on-point no matter where the seeing takes you!



No other outdoor activity is quite as energetic as outdoor sports. Play the game smartly by investing in a pair of sunglasses that fit you well, keep the sun out of your eyes, and give you the sharp vision you need to bring on your best form. Game, set, match!

Style it with JJ: Our transparent acetate JJ S12955 sunnies, feature a chic square shape that’s all set to ensure you win your game!



Whether you are relaxing on the veranda of your home, or enjoying a quiet and secluded staycation - a classic pair of sunnies are just what you need to set the mood. Create instagrammable moments with a pair of sunglasses in a soft, pretty tint and bask by the poolside.

Style it with JJ: Wear our sleek JJ S12502 frames that are finely crafted in supreme steel and feature a dreamy rose tint. Versatile in appeal, this pair is an unmissable JJ classic - perfect for some outdoor relaxation.



Brunches on rooftops, patios and outdoor locations are going to be all the rage this year. Restaurants are designing their buffets to ensure that they maintain the requisite level of distancing. Make a style statement with a classy pair of sunglasses that are sure to elevate your style quotient!

Style it with JJ: Go for a put-together, yet relaxed look with JJ S11766 unisex rich acetate sunnies, and make a mark with your personal style. Wear these classic shades with a low-key look to blend in with the post-2020 normcore fashion culture.



The iconic Aviator. No shape has made quite an impact on sunglasses trends over the years like the aviator silhouette. Classic, sophisticated and universal in appeal, the aviator is a fool-proof choice for any outdoor event or activity.

Style it with JJ: Our JJ S11472 exemplifies the timeless appeal of aviator sunnies. Pair these with smart casuals, sporty looks or even fancy attire - this style is the most versatile option of them all.


We hope you enjoyed our list and have picked up some interesting tips on how to amp-up your outdoor fashion with sleek sunglasses!  You can shop our exclusive styles before they go off the shelves. Just click on the images to browse through the products on our online store and add them to your cart so that you don’t miss out on these attractive styles.

Are you making moves to pursue your resolutions and renew your bond with the outdoors this year? Leave us a comment down below and tell us what you are looking forward to the most when it comes to being outside.


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