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          Find Your Eyedeal Pair

          Eyeglasses for Men


          Shopping for eyeglasses for men just got a whole lot better! Presenting a collection of vibrant colourways, silhouettes and designs, so that you can find the perfect pair of men’s glasses.

          Be it lifestyle factors or your style preferences, we’ve got a catalogue that caters to all your eyewear needs. Read on to know more about JJ’s wide range of eyeglasses for men.

          • Computer Glasses For Men: Our Zero Power Computer Glasses for men are available in lightweight metal build as well as distinct acetate style. These anti-glare glasses for men feature special blue light blocking technology that helps shield your eyes from digital glare.
          • Transparent Glasses For Men: If you’re looking for trendy eyeglasses for men, opt for clear acetate glasses. This selection of stylish eyeglasses for men features lightweight designs for daily comfort.
          • Rimless Men’s Eyeglasses: This collection features some of the lightest and the most seamless eyewear for men. These rimless men’s glasses are designed to feel so light you forget you’re wearing them.
          • Shapes For Everyone: Be it cat-eye glasses for men, aviator glasses or round glasses for men, we have something for everyone. Shapes like men’s wayfarer glasses and rectangular glasses, look chic on most face shapes, specifically round face shapes. Men with square and triangular face shapes can also try JJ’s classic round frames for men.
          • Vibrant Acetate Glasses: JJ’s acetate eyeglasses collection features transparent glasses for men, black glasses for men, and various other eye-catching textures and colours. Acetate is known for its smooth and luxe look and this collection offers you the best of designs.
          • Reading Glasses For Men: The weight, look and feel are extremely important while shopping for reading glasses for men. You can find stylish glasses on our website that feature unique patterns and statement accents.


          Be it timeless metal eyeglasses for men or trendy glasses with distinctive details, John Jacobs strives to meet the highest standards of quality. Our eyewear for men is designed to withstand regular wear and tear, while meeting the style standards.


          Shop your favourite eyewear at economical prices and flaunt JJ’s fine craftsmanship now!

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