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          How It Works

          1. Choose Your Frame

          Select a pair of frames that you like or use our style quiz to find a frame that works best for you.

          Take our style quiz ->

          2. Choose Your Lenses

          We'll show you your options and guide you to the lenses that are right for you. Do you want blue light blocking on? They're available for all of our glasses frames.

          3. Review + Add Another Pair

          Once you choose the lenses, you’ll review and add the glasses to your cart.

          Get extra JJ perks! Once the frames are in your cart, add another pair at no additional cost!

          4. Submit Your Prescription

          We’ll contact you and ask for your prescription. If it’s been a while, don’t worry, you can come to any of our stores for an eye exam.

          Store Locator ->

          5. Get Your New Glasses

          Your new glasses will arrive in 3-7 working days.


          A lot of individuals wear eyeglasses on a daily basis. However, finding the right pair of spectacles online is similar to looking for a needle in a haystack. With so many options available, how do you know what’s right for your eyes?

          Our eyeglasses designs feature a huge variety, be it in terms of shapes and sizes, or different varieties of lenses. Let’s go through our range of eyeglasses for men and women.

          • Round Glasses: Round frames, be it tinted glasses or not, have a reputation of being too experimental. However, our collection features different varieties that are suitable for many different face shapes. We have rimless round eyeglasses, half-rimmed glasses as well as slim-rimmed round glasses. On our website, you’ll be spoilt for choice.
          • Lens Quality: We strive to adhere to the highest quality standards for lenses as well as our frames. You can choose your favourite pair of eyeglasses and pair it up with the right lens, as per your needs.
          • Our range features blue lens glasses or blue ray glasses, which protect your eyes from harmful digital light. This lens type is an excellent choice for people with long working hours. You can also choose from UV protection glasses and anti-fogging glasses.
          • Stylish Glasses: At John Jacobs, you have hundreds of different shapes and styles to choose from. These include aviator glasses, square frame glasses and many other trendy shapes and silhouettes. You can also choose from frameless spectacles or rimless eyeglasses for men and women.


          How To Shop For Eyeglasses On John Jacobs

          You can follow these easy steps to own the perfect pair of eyeglasses.

          Step 1: Choose your frame. You can use our 3D try on feature, available on our website and pick the best pair for your face shape.

          Step 2: Choose the right lens. Here you can choose blue light lenses, anti-glare lenses (available free of cost for all our frames), anti-fogging lenses and lenses with UV protection.

          Step 3: Submit your prescription. If you do not know or own your prescription, you can visit any of our stores for a free eye exam and consultation.

          Step 4: Add your eyeglasses to the cart and checkout!

          All you have to do now is sit tight and wait for your eyedeal glasses to arrive!

          In case of any queries, we’re always here to assist you! Simply write to us at support@john-jacobs.com or give a call at +919211844000.



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