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John Jacobs Eyewear - Premium Sunglasses and Eyeglasses

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Trendy half rim eyeglasses for unique sophistication

John Jacobs’ premium eyeglasses with half-rimmed frames come in the classiest styles to meet your select tastes. All of our internationally inspired designs are manufactured from top quality frame materials such as Acetate, Titanium, Stainless Steel, and TR90 to give you the best look you crave, anywhere.

With our detailed artistry, our persistent endeavour is to bring you the finest in the world of eyewear fashion. You can choose among our extensive range of half frame glasses from our online John Jacobs store and get a hassle-free delivery experience. Alternatively, visit our exclusive brand stores in Delhi, Gurugram, Bengaluru and Pune for a personal experience.

Best styles of half rim glasses for the right face shapes

Half Rim Rectangular glasses: Rectangular glasses with half-rim frames are simply elegant and exude a highly mature look on anyone. John Jacobs offers you plenty of options when it comes to half rim eyeglasses. You would find not only the semi-rimless spectacles with thick frame designs but also a range of slim half frames that come with exquisitely designed temples and bridges. Try the sharp angular half rim rectangular glasses that come with black top-heavy frame design and sleek temples and bridges in the golden colour. These medium-sized glasses have a highly contemporary appeal, and they can effortlessly complement your smart casual outfits.

These half-rim glasses are ideal for people with oval and round face shapes. While oval faces have wide cheekbones along with the jaws being narrower than the foreheads, these rectangular semi-rimless spectacles would always give a balanced look.

You could also go for a highly sleek and serious look with the slim half rim design with black frames and temples. With their elegant single bridge design and the ultra-stylish temple tips in gold, you can go with any colour combination with your formal outfits for an effortless fashion statement.

If you are going for a sporty look that is not too loud, try the half rim rectangular glasses frames with funky yet tasteful colours on the temples. Out of the many slim half frame rectangular glasses by John Jacobs, you can choose the ones that come with the elegant green hue on the temples that perfectly match with the black colour of the half frames. All your casual outfits would go with these glasses. To add more edge to your personal flair, go for the half rim rectangular glasses with thick frames in the gunmetal hue. The bulky temples in red and gunmetal have that sporty appeal to complement any casual outfit you wear.

If you have a square face shape, then the rectangular half-rimmed glasses with softer edges would evenly balance out your angular facial features. The ones by John Jacobs come in loads of designs and tones that would instantly give your style statement a heightened sophistication. Try the half rim rectangular glasses that come in relatively thick gold half frames with slightly rounded edges. With their intricately designed golden temples and stylish temple tips in the trendy tortoiseshell pattern, it would be hard to go wrong when you pair them with your formal or even smart casual attire.

Half Rim Cat-eye glasses frames: The quintessential eyewear fashion accessory for women, cat-eye glasses are simply sophisticated and add glamour to one’s outfits naturally. As cat-eye glasses come with angular and rounded designs, try the angular ones by John Jacobs that come with the half rim frame design. The dual-toned half frames in purple and gold have a high-street fashion appeal with the suave golden temples. The lighter tortoiseshell pattern on the temple tips is the icing on the cake!

You could also opt for the different elegant colours on these modish half frame glasses in light pink, black, and gunmetal to suit different occasions. These angular half frame cat-eye glasses are ideal for women with oval or round face shapes as they can balance out the curvy features and make those faces look symmetrical.

Half Rim Wayfarer-shaped eyeglasses: With the iconic wayfarer-shaped eyeglasses, it is just hard to go wrong. You will find numerous variations on the standard design in the sleekest styles and colours that complement your modern sense of fashion effortlessly. Even though the classic trapezoidal frame design exudes casualness like no other, the half-rimmed ones by John Jacobs look highly sophisticated and convey a highly professional and classy vibe. With the half rims in dark brown and the stylish temple tips in the darker tortoiseshell pattern, your formal outfits get the elegant right edge. Just pair these with lighter hued formal attire anywhere you go.

Wayfarer-shaped eyeglasses are suitable for most face shapes, which makes them quite popular among men and women. The half rim trapezoidal frames by John Jacobs come with curvy edges that make them ideal for people with square and diamond face shapes. These glasses smoothly balance out the sharp facial features. These glasses would also be ideal for anyone with an oval face shape.

Before you purchase your desired semi rimless spectacles from our online John Jacobs store, you can easily try out the simulated 180° view with them. As you now know what face shapes go with half frame glasses, take them for a spin and flaunt your flair around.

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