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Say No To These Eyewear Myths

Say No To These Eyewear Myths


5 Bizarre Eyewear Myths That Need To Be Debunked Right Away


A wise person once said, “Fashion is the only game you can win by breaking the rules.” However, just like everything else around us, fashion is influenced by culture. Certain, more acceptable choices, become the norm or ‘rules to abide by.’ For instance, many people believe that round eyewear is not suitable for round faces. 

The truth of the matter is that these rules don't work for everyone. Sometimes, they are just myths that need to be busted. Continue reading for an eye-opening guide on eye-fashion myths and facts.

1. Following Fashion Trends Blindly 

Never wearing round glasses if you have round face shape. Staying away from bold oversized sunglasses if you have a small face. These are some common myths you may blindly follow in the name of fashion. The truth is that fashion trends are subjective. You can experiment as much as you like and choose whatever suits your style. With fashion, you always have room for exceptions. 

Fact: While choosing eyewear, your personal style and preferences matter more than trends or rules. You feel most comfortable in whatever you wear when you feel confident about your choices. 

Whether you choose to wear round, colour-blocked frames like Holland or oversized, hexagonal frames like Ridill, as long as you stay true to your style, you’re sorted. The same goes for oversized sunglasses. Don’t let these myths dictate your eye-fashion and flaunt your faovourite sunnies!

2. One Size Fits All 

Do you consider the size of your frames while shopping for eyewear? The chances are you probably didn’t even know that there are different sizes available. Just like every other item inside your wardrobe, your eyewear needs to fit perfectly too. 

Fact: The various eyewear sizes include extra narrow, narrow, medium, wide and extra wide. You can refer to John Jacob’s size guide to find your perfect fit. 

Be it classic aviator glasses like our Denzel frames or dual-toned Clanton glasses, you can find multiple sizes of your favourite styles at JJ. After all, you deserve nothing less than a flawless fit.

3. Sunglasses Are Only For Sunny Days

This is one of the biggest fashion accessories myths out there. It may have been true initially when sunglasses had limited innovations. However, now we have different lenses and varieties for different occasions. 

Fact: Polarized lenses not only help with reducing glare from the sun but also improve vision. They can be worn on sunny as well as cloudy days. They help create a sharper contrast and thereby improve your vision. 

Our Salcombe sunglasses come with polarized lenses, a sleek shape and elegant steel framework. Flaunt these tinted glasses outdoors, with or without the sun. For a more classic look, opt for our matte black Saybrook sunnies.

4. Eyeglasses Are Only For People With Poor Vision

People with poor vision need glasses, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t meant for everyone. Glasses serve more than one purpose. They can be used as a fashion accessory or simply to protect your eyes against digital glare. 

Fact: Our Zero Power BLU Glasses, can be used by everyone alike. With increased screen exposure, blue-light protection has become a necessity.

Be it supersized acetate frames like Ethel or elegant metal frames like Boswell, you can find incredible styles in our collection. Browse now and elevate your eyewear collection with zero power glasses.

5. Dark Lenses Protect Against The Sun 

Most people end up wearing only black or dark sunglasses, especially on a vacation. However, dark lenses are not the ultimate way to protect your eyes against UV rays. 

Fact: Light tints can also provide equal protection, as long as the lenses are UV protected. 

Our refined gold Astoria frames come with UV protected lenses. They feature a lightweight and durable build. You can also opt for Colosseum or Louvre sunglasses for comfort and style.

We hope these eye-fashion myths and facts help you feel more confident about your style. Fashion can be so much fun, especially when you decide to make your own rules. Now go on and own your personal style with the right pair of JJs!

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