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How To Prevent Your Eyeglasses From Fogging Up

How To Prevent Your Eyeglasses From Fogging Up


How To Prevent Your Eyeglasses From Fogging Up


There is nothing more frustrating than eyeglasses that get foggy while cooking or stepping out of an air-conditioned car. It is exhausting to pull out a cloth and wipe eyeglasses every now and then for clearer vision. Additionally the rule mandating us to wear face masks in the new normal has worsened this.

We get it - the struggle is real! Foggy glasses are extremely uncomfortable and accident-prone. It's high time we found an effective solution to keep our vision fog-free.

Intrigued? Read on to know more about modern solutions to prevent your eyeglasses from fogging up.


Why do eyeglasses get foggy?

Temperature differences between eyeglasses and the outside environment cause fog to percolate on eyewear lenses. Humidity in proximity to your lenses releases vapour, which then cools down to form a film of tiny water droplets on its surface. Physical activities like running, trigger sweat and warm breath which result in added moisture on the surface of the lenses.


How to keep fog from clouding your vision?

 1. Anti fog Cloth

The most obvious way to deal with foggy eyeglasses is using a microfibre cloth to wipe away the moisture. A microfibre cloth contains organic polymers and active titanium dioxide that keeps eyewear clean. The fibreglass filament has special molecules that prevent condensation on the surface of the lenses and help maintain crystal-clear vision.

 2. Anti fog Spray

Anti fog sprays are spritzed directly onto the lenses and then evenly spread over the surfaces with a soft cloth. Once sprayed, they envelop the lenses with a thin coating that minimises fog accumulation.

 3. Anti fog Glasses

This is the most modern and cutting-edge anti-fog solution. Unlike the first two solutions, anti fog lenses do not allow fog to form on their surface in the first place. Furthermore, no additional accessory is required to enjoy fog-free vision. Just don these lenses and carry on with daily life!


How do anti fog glasses work?

The anti fog coating on lenses minimises surface tension and prevents the formation of vapour. In other words, anti fog glasses repel humidity and keep your lenses from getting cloudy. This is also known as the ‘hydrophilic effect’. 

Here are the two key properties of anti fog lenses: 

1. Dual sided anti fog and anti-reflection coating

Anti fog lenses are coated on both sides, to convert moisture into a thin film that is inconceivable to the eyes. Additionally anti-reflection coating helps reduce the refraction of light.

2. UV420 Properties with blue cut

These lenses also provide protection from harmful blu rays emitted by digital devices. 


To enjoy a seamless and fogless vision, shop John Jacobs’ newly launched Anti-Fog Blu Lenses, also available with zero power. Don’t let the mist get in the way and remain effortlessly stylish yet comfortable both indoors and outdoors in anti fog glasses.  



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