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What You Need To Know About Computer Eyeglasses

What You Need To Know About Computer Eyeglasses


What You Need To Know About Computer Eyeglasses


They say drops make an ocean, and this couldn’t be more true when it comes to digital screen-induced eye damage.

Today, most of our activities include staring at digital screens at some point or the other - be it working, binge-watching, or scrolling through social media. We now spend more time online because of our tech-oriented culture, which also means we’re now exposed to more harmful blue light than ever before. Simple care and the proper kind of lenses can help you evade problems like headaches, exhaustion, blurred vision, eye strain, dry eyes, and disturbed sleep - all side-effects of excessive screen time.

But enough about the problems. Let’s talk solutions. Keep reading to know how John Jacobs’ BLU Glasses can help you fight the digital glare and keep the blues away! 


Be it with power, or without, our computer glasses are outfitted with cutting edge blue light tech, that’s primed to be your eyewear armour. High index, crack-resistant and dust-repellant, with dual-sided coating, these lenses effectively block BLU light and increase clarity of vision. Studies on workers show that these eyeglasses improve productivity and aid concentration. Adults who use bifocals or progressive eyeglasses tend to benefit from computer glasses. 


We’ve got a wide variety of computer glasses for men and women to give your eyes an additional layer of defense. These BLU Lenses, as we like to call them, provide anti-glare properties for an anti-reflective surface against screen-led glare. Significantly lessening eye-strain and headaches, the BLU lens coating is applied on both sides.


Your body's natural melatonin production, which aids in sleep, is impacted by blue light. Prior to the multi-screen era, the majority of blue light exposure would come from the sun. However, due to the large number of blue light-emitting devices, we are all receiving far more than is healthy.

Our BLU Lenses can block up to 90% of blue light from entering your eyes, which makes it simpler for your body to create melatonin and help you sleep well at night. Plus, our collection features endless style choices, from cat-eye frames to aviator shapes.


There isn't a single style of computer glasses that works for everyone or is the best in every situation. Therefore, when choosing computer glasses, it's important to take into account a computer user's visual capacity, personal preferences, the type of work, the distance between their eyes and the display, and the lighting setup in any given workplace. The choice of computer glasses must, however, be chosen after consulting with an eye professional (optometrist or ophthalmologist) - wondering how to get this done? Visit one of our flagship stores for a free eye exam and prescription! 


So, if you are constantly on your 📱 and 💻, it is a good idea to invest in a striking pair of eyeglasses fitted with our robot-cut, high-performance BLU Lenses. Shop eyeglasses online at John Jacobs to get the best and latest in eyewear technology. Keep these close and make ‘em work!

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