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7 Trendy Ways To Style Transparent Eyeglasses

7 Trendy Ways To Style Transparent Eyeglasses


7 Ways To Get Noticed In Trendy Transparent Eyeglasses


Wondering which latest eyewear trend is here to stay? Transparent eyeglasses have dominated trend charts for the last few seasons with their fresh hues and striking silhouettes! The best part is that they’re crafted in eco-friendly cellulose acetate which offers durability while also delivering on style.

Fascinated? Read on for 7 stunning ways to style transparent eyeglasses and get your fashion game on point!


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Clear transparents are the clear winners when it comes to trendsetting unisex eyewear! The perfect companion to your everyday closet, these eyeglasses for men and women make for effortlessly smart daytime looks. Check out our most popular transparent frames for a fashionable upgrade.

Styling Cue: Pair these round glasses with your t-shirts, hoodies, denims and country-club inspired ensembles. A minimal and on-trend design, these eyeglasses add just the right amount of verve and versatility to your daily style.


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There is no eyewear shape quite like the iconic cat-eye. This versatile and flattering shape gets an update in trendy transparent frames. Check out our groovy clear cat eye frames if you love this look!

Styling Cue: Style this fashion-forward pair of cat eye glasses with a timeless white shirt. Add a pair of neutral-hued trousers, an elegant watch and a shoulder purse for a look that’s casual yet classic.


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Take this uber-chic trend in stride and impress with your dapper style! Opt for our transparent glasses for men in this stunning gradient colourway that perfectly matches a business-formal wardrobe. Our black to brown gradient transparent eyeglasses make for suave looks and a sharp appeal.

Styling Cue: This unisex design complements formal and business-casual outfits for men and women alike. Don these with chic shirts, trousers, chinos, dresses, vests, blazers, waistcoats and berets for chic head-to-toe looks.


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Want to add a dash of colour to your look in a soothing and subtle manner? Pick a pair of transparent eyeglasses in a soft blue shade! Cool-toned transparent glasses give classic clothing an ultra-modern touch. Check out our soft powder-blue transparents to give your daily style a refined look.

Styling Cue: Don these stylish cool-toned frames with something simple and neutral, like a black top with a houndstooth-patterned skirt. Top it off with a cool beige blazer for a chic professional vibe and give your trendy transparents room to stand out in this unusual hue!


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The transparent trend takes on a structured avatar with geometric edges and a supreme steel skeleton in the iconic metal and acetate fusion edition. Our sleek geometry-inspired eyeglasses give this style an edge like no other. Go for these if you want a modern appeal and a unique look!

Styling Cue: The perfect minimalist choice, these transparent frames are ideal with sophisticated colours and clothing with clean lines. Wear these with your workwear dresses, minimal knits and modern grayscale outfits to add sleekness to your ensemble.


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Striking and elegant, transparent rectangle glasses elevate simple everyday outfits with their modern vibe. Hit the right notes in style with these chic frames. Our minimalist transparent eyeglasses are sure to add a sophisticated and trendy touch to your sartorial choices.

Styling Cue: Glasses with transparent frames get a sharp look with the rectangle shape and are perfect for balancing out extremely casual styles. You can accessorise even a head-to-toe denim outfit with these beauties to give it a more put-together and modern feel.


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Want to wear this trendy style with a graceful feminine touch? Go for transparent eyeglasses for women in a pretty pink hue! This colour brings out the natural charm of the frames and works for all seasons. Our chic blush-toned eyeglasses are sure to give you a sophisticated look!

Styling Cue: Wear these pink-toned beauties with a head-to-toe beige outfit. Beige and light pink are classic warm-toned pastels that complement each other beautifully. A monochromatic beige outfit is perfectly highlighted with this stylish transparent glasses frame.


Transparents are a wearable trend that’s taking on the fashion world by storm! Join in the statement-making fun and invest in a pair. Style, eco-friendliness and supreme quality - all this and more has been packed within the chic dimensions of these stylish frames!

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