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Eyedeal Gifts For Star Signs

Eyedeal Gifts For Star Signs


Astrology & Fashion | Eyecons For Every Zodiac Sign


Hey, astro peeps! We’re aligning the stars and tuning into heavenly maps to bring you the perfect view according to each Zodiac. Whether you believe in astrology or not - no one can deny that it’s super fun and speaks to each individual’s unique sense of style and aesthetics.

With festive events like Rakhi, Ganesh Chaturthi, Diwali, Eid, and Christmas coming up in the second half of this year; knowing the best eyeglasses and sunglasses for each Zodiac sign is a great way to ensure eyedeal, celestial-approved gifts for your loved ones. Read on!


Aries are confident, unapologetic, and their fashion sense is just as bold! Ruled by Mars, they’re dynamic and known to be pioneers in everything they do. This fire sign never holds back their true self, loves authenticity, and is honest to a fault. Aries loves to flaunt signature looks, so it should come as no surprise that the fiercest clothing and eyewear online are sure to be awesome gifts for these fire-starters.

JJ Style Check: For Aries, vibrant sunglasses will bring out their fiery side. Take a look at our Merlot sunnies for a red-hot look. Check out our range of acetate sunglasses for women and men, to browse statement eye-pieces in eye-catching textures and striking hues.


Taurus is ruled by Venus, representing material possessions, luxury and a taste for the finer things in life. Known to have a penchant for premium quality and ultimate comfort, Taurus loves to invest in iconic, long-lasting fashion. This is a Zodiac sign that’s most likely to build an empire for themselves, so that they can afford the most detailed, stylish and luxuriant experiences - in fashion and in life!

JJ Style Check: Earthy textures, gold accents and smooth silhouettes are undeniably the Taurus vibe. Timeless and luxe, our Bullard Tortoise sunnies are a great gifting idea for any Taurean in your life. View our Roman Holiday edit for more impeccably detailed designs.


Gemini never follows, rather starts trends! This air sign’s style is youthful, inquisitive, fun-loving and rule-breaking. They love fashion items that can also double up as conversation starters. The trendsetter of the Zodiac, Gemini likes to ditch conventions and dream up an inspired wardrobe everyone will envy. Innovative fashion items that transcend the typical are the best gifts for this sign.

JJ Style Check: Our TR Flex range is perfect for bending the rules of style. Ergo, these super flexible, stylish and durable glasses are eyedeal gifts for Gemini peeps. Take a look at our Shiloh frames for uber-fresh and stunning views.


Cancerians, being water signs, have a strong connection with their emotions. They enjoy soothing hues and smooth finishes. Cancer is deeply influenced by the Moon, and colours such as white, silver, grey, and cream blend best with their personas. Also a cardinal sign, Cancer exudes quiet confidence in their fashion choices, embracing the leaders they are within.

JJ Style Check: Cancer loves a sophisticated aesthetic, that’s reframed for the modern age. Apart from bolder textures and tints, our Rich Acetate sunnies also bring a new-age aesthetic to the table with pastels and lighter hues. Opt for our Capri sunnies to gift a refined view!


Leos are all about drama, spontaneous creativity and self-love. Stealing the spotlight, and making themselves the centre of everyone’s attention comes naturally to this Zodiac sign. Ruled by the Sun, this fire sign’s fashion choices are expressive and flamboyant, with a classic edge. Gift the Leo in your life an eye-catching piece to be in their good books for the rest of the year!

JJ Style Check: Let out a fashion roar in our Metal + Acetate beauty, Fairhaven. Our acetate-infused metal sunglasses for men and women are the perfect gifting idea for Leo; considering the textured accents which instantly capture your imagination.


Virgos are practical and efficient, so they tend to dress in clean and structured designs. Chic minimalism is the name of the game for this sign, and that tends to reflect in their organised and put-together demeanour. Their style is always neat and carefully curated. Gift a Virgo something geometric-inspired in neutral or grayscale hues to accent their versatile and pragmatic personas.

JJ Style Check: Featuring unique, hexagonal, acetate rims, and slender, high-performance Titanium temples, our Aster eyeglasses are an excellent choice for Virgos. These sleek and elegant frames are sure to make heads turn. Check out our Dreamscapes Edit for more such stunners.


Libra, also ruled by Venus, is a very luxury-oriented Zodiac sign. However, where Taurean luxury is dictated by the earth, Libra is an air sign, and their approach is more balanced. Libra’s style sensibilities are measured, curated, undeniably chic and have an element of airy comfort. Choose slender designs with a feminine edge when picking a gift for this star sign.

JJ Style Check: Our Simone frames are crafted in IP-Plated Titanium, and are feather-light enough to appeal to any Libran. Our ultra-stylish and slender Pro Titanium frames come in a variety of soothing hues and delicate shapes, but are also super strong, thanks to their Titanium make.


Never into momentary fads, Scorpio loves anything that’s timeless and note-worthy. This passionate and intense sign values high quality. Head-turning, powerful sartorial choices are a signature to Scorpio. Deeply attached to their loved ones, they are sure to appreciate just about any gift; because for them, the thought and the gesture is what truly counts.

JJ Style Check: Our Roman Holiday edit features some scene-stealers. Among which, Rainey would be our undisputed favourite for Scorpio. However, this collection features many more chiselled, sculpted, and striking acetate frames - so do check it out!


Sagittarians are very positive and always look at the brighter side of life. They love to go wherever the wind takes them, so they like donning comfortable and eye-catching fashion. This fire sign loves quirky designs with seamless features that help them stand out from the crowd. Fun-loving and highly intelligent, Sagittarius is most likely to love a unique and out-of-the-box present.

JJ Style Check: Gift your Saggitarian friend or family member Elsie from our JJ Voyage edit. These chic cat-eye sunglasses encapsulate the wayfaring vibe of the Voyage collection perfectly, and are sure to be a hit with this travel-loving Zodiac sign.


Capricorns are stylish, refined, and they never trade comfort for trends. Committed to excellence, they do not leave anything to chance - not even their wardrobe. Sharp lines, functional designs, and sleek silhouettes are a part of Capricorn’s fashion code. A touch of luxurious colours, with versatile and easy-to-wear fashion items, make great gifts for this star sign.

JJ Style Check: Our Supreme Steel frames are at the intersection of style and functionality. These durable, lightweight and ergonomic frames are sure to earn you some brownie points with your Capricorn peeps. Check out the dual-toned Hester as a style reference for your choice!


Known for their original perspective, Aquarians can make just about anything work - unexpected pairings, statement pieces, and unusual hues. The sign's experimental approach can make any outfit stand out. Fearlessly authentic, Aquarius is a very futuristic and forward-thinking sign. Gift them something innovative and never-before-seen to curry their favour.

JJ Style Check: Our Harris eyeglasses come in a unique electric-blue colourway, that is sure to catch the Cup-Bearer sign’s eye. As we enter the Aquarian age collectively, fashion is steadily moving in their direction. Go with the flow in our acetate frames to join the Aqua club!


This dreamy and romantic water sign is known for its charming and creative side. The most bohemian of the bunch, Pisces is usually drawn towards ethereal styles, and cool-toned colours like teal, blue, and purple. They have an eye for styles that are gentle yet unique. This empathetic water sign is sure to appreciate your gifts and shower you with attention in equal measure.

JJ Style Check: Gift the Fish of the Zodiac an ocean-blue beauty, Paloma. These iconic sunnies feature an exaggerated, oversized shape and a cool-blue aesthetic that’s sure to get your favourite Piscean into vacay mode. Check out our sunglasses for men and women for more gifting inspiration.


If you love astrology and fashion, we’re sure you enjoyed this article! Be it prescription glasses, trendy frames for men, or the latest sunglasses for women, you can shop eyewear online on our website and at our flagship stores

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