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JJ Visionaries | Akanksha Jain

JJ Visionaries | Akanksha Jain




It is fascinating to explore the unknown that confronts me when I sit down to create digital art every day. My work gives me the instant satisfaction of executing my vision in 3D, and I am driven by the journey towards getting photoreal results."
- Akanksha Jain, 3D Artist.

Fashion takes on a new life in the digital space, with Akanksha Jain’s incredible artistry. Today’s JJ Visionary is adept at fantastical work in the space of 3D design, digital art and creative direction.

Well known for her work on 3D environments, she designs eye-catching virtual characters that are supremely emotive and intricately stylized. Crafting powerful fashion statements for the digital space, her artistic sensibilities made her the perfect match for our first-ever digital campaign.

At the initiation of our pioneering virtual campaign, we wanted to collaborate with someone intuitive and innovative, in order to create an extraordinary visual experience. A virtual JJ universe, populated with our eternal eyewear favourites and iconic characters. Enter, Akanksha.

“So many fresh possibilities exist at the inception of a virtual campaign like the Surrealist. Opportunities that might not exist in the physical world or while conceiving a traditionally shot campaign.”

Commissioned in association with Irregulars Alliance, Akanksha began working on a unique JJ virtual-verse, complete with surreal landscapes, kaleidoscopic hues, and ethereal imagery. Thus, Jacobia was born and the Surrealist edit began to take shape.

“I was captivated by the idea that this project would have the ability to generate crossover conversations about digital fashion. It was gratifying to create a virtual world and characters that can stick in the minds of audiences, long after they’ve seen the visuals. This highlights the scope of what it means for brands to find their own rhythm in setting themselves up as digital natives.”

While creating our visionary Surrealist characters in 3D, using Blender and Marvelous Designer, Akanksha made a conscious choice to represent Indian identity for the first time in a digital fashion campaign.

“While styling the virtual models for this campaign, I sourced and constructed digital garments, which I then customised to fit the characters and their stories. To impart the idea of individual identity to the characters, I deliberated upon all aspects of fashion styling, like hair styles, makeup, accessories, and even body language. This styling showcase is what connects the 3D human models to the eyewear. Everything from the audio-production to the post-production process was aligned to achieve our central idea.”

Akansha ensured that no detail was left unturned - from the integrating the new JJ logo and branding into the clothing of the character’s garments, to ensuring each eyewear was true to proportion and perfectly represented. Inclusive and diverse, the characters designed by her set the story of these virtual change-makers into motion.

Great things happen when like minds come together; and we’ve always found exceptional creative joy and satisfaction in collaboration with fearless artists like Akaknsha. Which aspect of the Surrealist edit inspired you the most? Let us know in the comments! Find her @akankshajain.space on Instagram.

Click here to learn more about the Surrealist edit.


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