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All About The Surrealist Edit

All About The Surrealist Edit




We’re all creating and expanding a virtual world online with every passing second. The Surrealist Edit is our nod to winds of change and a move towards a more tech-oriented direction for John Jacobs. Headed towards a major transformation in the way we shop fashion, we’re envisioning the future of eye-fashion like it’s never been done before. Our virtual characters reflect this change-making attitude, and a drive to build a brighter, more diverse tomorrow.
- Apeksha Gupta, CEO, John Jacobs.

The Surrealist Edit is at the cusp of a new era for John Jacobs. With an optimistic POV on the future, we’re answering winds of change with a digital-first, virtual campaign. Following paths taken by pioneering characters in fantastical lenscapes, Surrealist is the legacy of technological innovation, cultural breakthroughs, and societal reforms coming together in the age of information.

In surreal landscapes, our change-makers envision a brighter, more brilliant future. Through the journey of each character, we learn of humanity’s adaptability, street-smartness and sheer ingenuity. Challenges form a formidable horizon, but it is clarity of vision that casts maximum influence on tomorrow.

Eye-catching designs meet material innovation to bring you high-performance, and future-savvy eyeglasses and sunglasses. We welcome you to a world of innovative eye-fashion, where inclusivity and surrealism blend for an immersive experience.


Behind The Screen: Dawn Of A New Era

Great things happen when creative minds collaborate! We’ve worked with the dream team at Irregulars Alliance to collaborate with Aakansha Jain, an ace 3D artist from Mumbai, India. Working with Aakansha, our first virtual universe began to come to life. Crafted entirely in 3D using Blender and Marvelous Designer, our virtual simulations follow innovation as a way of life.


Brain Child: The Surrealist Campaign

The Surrealist marketing campaign gives a utopian view of iconic JJ classics, re-calibrating our crowd-favourites on never before seen Avatars. The campaign video and our influencer collaborations feature futuristic fashion and fantastical looks; with a focus on visionaries that bring a brand new outlook. Witness our heros reshape Jacobia through freshly minted lenses of tomorrow through our social media channels.

The Surrealist campaign evokes a sense of wonder and dynamism. While the edit itself is more design-oriented, focusing on virtual characters that populate the JJ universe with stills and video clips, the campaign is our first step towards a technology-forward approach for the brand.

“John Jacobs captures the future of eyewear, with the larger than life Surrealist edit. Designed with an inclusive and detailed approach, this virtual, online campaign, opens itself up to fresh possibilities that would not be possible with a physical campaign. Get ready to foray into more futuristic expeditions and view a surreal world though JJ lenses.”

- Sumit Chawla, Head Of Marketing, John Jacobs.

Discover The Future: The Surrealist Edit Styles

Surrealist features next-gen eyewear with an emphasis on clarity of vision. Through robot-cut, scratch-resistant lenses, these Eyecons 2.0 blur the lines between virtual and IRL. Get a glimpse of a utopian view in striking eyeglasses & sunglasses for men and women. These trailgazing styles are available in appealing hues and exquisite finishes.

Crafted in high-performance materials, like 100% stainless steel, eco-friendly cellulose acetate, and IP-plated titanium, Surrealist features the best in eye-fashion and eyewear technology today.


So, see you in Jacobia, where augmented sights await! Plus, we have a way to make them even more fantastical - shop for eyeglasses and sunglasses online to get 2 stunners for the price of 1. Add two of your favourites to the cart and see the world with an enhanced perspective.

Click here to browse and explore the Surrealist edit.


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