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How To Choose The Best Lenses For Your Eyeglasses

How To Choose The Best Lenses For Your Eyeglasses


How To Choose The Best Lenses For Your Eyeglasses



We experience life through our eyes and clear vision is fundamental to our wellbeing. Thus, the type of lenses you choose for your eyewear is vital to the quality of your experience. Eyewear tech has advanced greatly over the years, introducing several options and there are many factors to consider when choosing the right lenses. The lenses available today can not only help you gain clear vision, but also protect your eyes from the sun, block glare from digital devices, and provide an array of preventive or corrective optical solutions!


1. Get An Eyedeal Pair By Heeding Your Prescription


If your eyes require corrective lenses for clear vision, having an updated prescription is extremely important. There are two main types of prescription lenses:

Single-Vision Lenses are usually prescribed to correct a single field of vision - near or far; i.e. myopia (near-sightedness) or presbyopia (far-sightedness). Generally speaking, single-vision lenses are prescribed to those who are below 40 years of age, as they are not usually dealing with multiple corrective issues at once.

Bifocal Lenses have a corrective crescent on the bottom half of the lenses for near vision and a different power for the rest of the lens that corrects distance vision.

Progressive Lenses are multifocal lenses that correct multiple fields of vision - near, intermediate and far. Cutting-edge and modern, these have a smooth transition between multiple powers without a visible dividing line as seen in bi-focal lenses for a better cosmetic appearance. A pair of progressive glasses allow you to stay detail oriented without resorting to outdated styles.

High Index Lenses are ideal for moderate to high powers. These can help you enjoy thinner, lighter wearability and enhanced optical clarity. If you have a prescription with a very high visual correction, opt for 1.74 index lenses to avoid the ‘coke bottle’ effect where your lenses unfashionably poke outside your frames. If you have a moderate power, the 1.6 index lenses are just perfect! 


2. Keep Your Everyday Lifestyle In Perspective


Another major factor you should consider when selecting lenses for your eyewear, is your lifestyle. Are you an outdoor enthusiast? Do you spend long hours in front of a digital screen? Do you drive a lot at night? There are specialized add-on features for lenses, that can optimise your visual experience.

BLU Computer Lenses block digital glare and protect your eyes from harmful blue-rays emitted by screens. If you spend long hours working on screens or binging on TV or OTT devices, these lenses are a great preventive measure for your eyes in the long term.

Photochromatic Lenses are light-adaptive lenses that stay absolutely clear indoors, but darken when exposed to UV rays. These are perfect for you if you have a lifestyle that requires you to travel or switch between indoor and outdoor locations often. Effectively blocking out UV rays in sunlight at all times, these lenses will allow you to keep your eyes protected without having to physically change frames.

Anti-Fog Lenses are a cutting-edge solution to foggy eyeglasses. These work for climates where there is high-humidity or in situations where there are frequent temperature changes. If you would like crystal clear vision when you have your face-mask on or while running, switching between air-conditioned & non-air conditioned spaces, cooking, drinking hot beverages, etc. - these lenses are the right choice for you!


3. Set Your Sights On Protective Coatings


A few add-on coatings to the lenses of your choice will give you a complete experience and will ensure that your lenses stay functional for a long time with minimal maintenance.

Scratch Resistant coating helps amplify the clarity of your lenses over a long period of time and maintains the durability of your lenses.

Anti-Dust coating helps protect your lenses from foreign particles and facilitates easy maintenance. 

Anti-Glare coating is fundamental when it comes to eyewear. Sometimes also referred to as ‘Anti-Reflective’, this coating makes for improved clarity, increased transparency and better cosmetic appearance in photographs. Block out unnecessary glare and light-refraction with Anti-Glare eyeglasses.

Water Repellent coating ensures that splashes of water slide right off your lenses. You can enjoy clearer vision during the monsoon with this feature.

Anti-Smudge coating adds a special layer to your lenses that repels smudges and fingerprints from the surface which facilitates faster and smoother eyewear cleaning.


Eyeglasses today have transcended from being mundane essentials to statement fashion accessories. We often tend to focus more on the style of the frames while purchasing our eyewear. However, it is equally important to ensure that you select the best possible combination of lenses, coatings and features to support your lifestyle and needs!

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