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Is Work Tiring Your Eyes? We've Got Your Back!

Is Work Tiring Your Eyes? We've Got Your Back!

Another day at the office means another day of staring at your computer screen. You return home with tired eyes only to stare at your TV screen or mobile phone again. Whether we are working, studying or taking time off, most of our lives today revolve around looking at a screen. And no matter what digital activity you are partaking in, chances are you are being exposed to considerable amounts of blue light.

Blue light is present in almost every digital screen - from our laptops to smartphones. Over time, these digital rays can cause irreversible damage to our vision. Our Blu Smartphone lenses are specially developed to combat these harmful effects of blue light by acting as a protective shield. Here’s everything you need to know about them.

What Is Blue Light And Why Is It Harmful?

Blue light comes under the visible light spectrum, with the shortest wavelength and highest energy, and is similar to the ultraviolet rays. It is found in the sun’s rays and other devices which emit light. Aside from a few yellow light bulbs available in our homes, most of the lights we use consist of artificial blue light.

The main reason why blue light is considered so harmful is that it can penetrate your eyes, reaching right into your retina and harming them. Earlier, the only source of blue light was the sun. But as technology is advancing, the consumption of blue light has dramatically increased, thanks to all our digital screens. As most of us are in front of computer or mobile screens all day, we might be damaging our eyesight more than we realize.

How Do They Work?

Our Blu Smartphone lenses are specially designed to filter out only the harmful blue light rays. They come with an extra layer of coating that absorbs these rays emitted from digital screens. While Blu lenses are sometimes confused with computer glasses, they’re actually completely different. Computer glasses have a yellow tint which works as a blue light filter, but Blu lenses are completely clear. This means that while they act as a blue light filter, they won’t affect your vision in any way.

What Are The Benefits?

If you’re exposed to blue light for long, then these Blu Smartphone Lenses are a must-have. Not only do they block the digital rays, but they directly impact your sleep cycle by increasing the production of melatonin in your body that helps you sleep faster. They also help in getting rid of tired, puffy eyes and protect them from getting dry frequently.

Blu Smartphone Lenses can help you see a clearer and calmer image while protecting your eyes in the long run. Find your perfect frame style from John Jacobs and get complimentary Blu Smartphone Lenses with your purchase.

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