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The Eyedeal Father’s Day Gifting Guide

The Eyedeal Father’s Day Gifting Guide


10 Spectacular Father’s Day Gifting Options


It’s that time of the year! Time to celebrate your first best friend. Your first role model and style icon. Getting ready to express father’s day wishes with a visionary gift? Whether your dad is a traditional dad or a party pop, we’ve got the perfect eyewear style options to give him a cool new view!

Read on if you’re looking for an eye-catching gift that fits his style and delivers on quality!


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Is your dad a workaholic who’s taking calls all day, perusing files and missing dinner for work? Driven by ambition, spunk and discipline, he works hard to ensure you never have to settle for less.

Make sure your father’s day gifting is spot-on by giving him a structured pair of eyeglasses. These are sure to give him a stylish new look for his WFH virtual meetings. These two-toned rectangle frames glasses in Supreme Steel add protection and functionality when outfitted with BLU-cut computer lenses.


eyeglasses, eyeglasses for men 

Is your dad the sentimental kind? The sentimental dad is all about nostalgia! He must be very fond of going through old photo albums and sharing stories about the good ol’ days. The sentimental pop is sure to appreciate the currently raging retro trend in eyeglasses for men!

We’ve got the perfect father’s day gifting option to surprise him. Get him a striking pair of retro styled eyeglasses so that he can relive cherished memories. These stunning rich acetate aviator frames glasses in a chic tortoise texture seamlessly fit in with 70’s year-book nostalgia!


sunglasses, sunglasses for men

This is the one for your dad if he is the good-cop in the family who appreciates discipline and loves to impart lessons in unique ways! Just as you are on the lookout for the perfect father’s day gifting ideas for him, he is always looking for the perfect teachable moments.

Show him your appreciation with a cool pair of men’s sunglasses this father’s day 2021! Clue in the little joke of him being a ‘good-cop’ with these classic aviator-shaped acetate and metal fusion sunnies.


eyeglasses, eyeglasses for men

Is your dad one of the good ol’ traditional ones? Is he the calm, reasonable and accomplished figure-head of the family? Always one to shower his children with love and wisdom, he rarely expects any father’s day gifting from his kids!

Give him a pleasant surprise with a stylish upgrade in these sleek rimless eyeglasses. Crafted with a classic and sophisticated finish, these chiseled rimless glasses with detailed temple-tips are sure to appeal to his conventional and elegant sensibilities!


eyeglasses, eyeglasses for men, sunglasses, sunglasses for men

The on-the-go dad is always looking for exciting experiences and creative ways to spend time with his family! Is your dad entrenched in work, travel, hobbies and the hustle? Does he balance multiple interests and share some with you?

Father’s day gifting for this type of dad needs to be functional and robust enough to suit his lifestyle. Give your on-the-go dad, on-the-go eyewear to make his life more convenient! These ultra-stylish clip-on eyeglasses frames double up as sunglasses, thanks to a simple magnetic attachment. Just get your dad to clip-on and carry on!


eyeglasses, eyeglasses for men

The organised dad is a stickler for cleanliness and neatness. He loves his home, life and children to be organised and disciplined. No throwing around jackets and leaving eyeglasses unattended with this type of father.

Give your organised dad a pair of geometry-inspired eyeglasses. These stylish hexagonal stainless steel frames are sure to reflect the structure and neatness of your father’s lifestyle. Carefully crafted construction is the name of the game!


sunglasses, sunglasses for men

Is your dad the adventurous kind who exudes confidence and excitement with every step? Does he love exploring the outdoors, indulging in sports, participating in treks or going fishing with the family?

Then, you can ensure your father’s day gifting covers all his eyewear needs outdoors. Gift him a pair of high-quality polarized sunglasses with 100% UV protection. We suggest these stunning rich acetate black sunglasses with a double-bridge that make for a sturdy and striking option!


sunglasses, sunglasses for men

Is your dad always stylish and on-trend? Looks like you’ve got the hipster dad. He’s the youngest at heart. He’s often supporting youth movements and going out of his way to unlearn obsolete ideas.

Your father’s day gifting plan for your hipster dad needs to reflect his fresh point of view. A blend of classic and cool, these textured wayfarer sunglasses will give your dad a chic new look!


eyeglasses, eyeglasses for men

If your father is fashion-forward and knows how to bend the rules of style, Titanium Flex eyewear glasses are the perfect father’s day gift. This is a dad who expresses himself wonderfully with his unique personal style!

The fashion-savvy dad is sure to love a suave pair of glasses with round frames. If you need an elegant pair that blends in with your father’s uber-chic wardrobe, go for these round frames for glasses in a stunning tortoise texture.


sunglasses, sunglasses for men

If you’ve got a rock ‘n’ roll dad who’s all about Elvis tracks, motorcycles and leather jackets, we’ve got you covered. Protective and fun, he is hard on the outside but an absolute softie on the inside! Father’s day gifting for this type of dad should mirror his spirit and vibe.

Gift your rock ‘n’ roll dad the coolest pair of sunnies! These sophisticated aviator-inspired sunglasses with a defined brow bar will have him reliving his head-banger days in an instant. Get the guitar out, these beauties are ready to roll!


So which type is your dad? Tell us in the comments below and shop online for the most fitting men’s eyeglasses or sunglasses to suit his personality. Happy father’s day gifting to you!

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