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7 Eyewear Innovations That Will Blow Your Mind

7 Eyewear Innovations That Will Blow Your Mind


7 Eyewear Innovations That Will Blow Your Mind


Do you know what eyeglasses and fighter jets have in common? These days, they are made with the same high-performance materials! This is just one of many examples of how far eyewear technology has come today.

Let's discover some new features and high-tech functionalities your eyewear can possess. Scroll on for 7 innovations that are sure to blow your mind!


Be it socialising, spending quality time with the family, work or even a simple task like driving, digital screens have become an integral part of our lives. However, our human eyes have not evolved at the same pace. The harmful rays emanating from the screens can cause immense eye strain and serious damage in the long-term. We’ve got a modern solution for this modern problem: Cutting edge BLU-cut lenses that offer effective resistance to digital glare and protect your eyes.

Trail-Gazing Options In JJ: When it’s an ‘add to cart’ kind of day, simply add-on our BLU essentials lens package, complimentary Zero Power BLU lens, or BLU Thin lenses for high-index lens options. It’s that easy to give your eyes a digital detox!


Ever gotten irritated by glasses that slip and slide along the bridge of your nose when you tilt your head? Or glasses that fall onto the ground when you bend down to pick something up? Although this common issue sounds trivial, it is anything but! Enter: The dynamic nose-pad. Featuring a soft, skin-friendly nose-pad that moulds itself to the exact contours of your nose bridge and a sleek stainless steel frame, this revolutionary eyecon is a must-have for comfort seekers.

Trail-Gazing Options In JJ: Show off in timeless Aviators with our stunning JJ E13492 that features a fully customisable nose-pad. Go for gregarious gold or sophisticated silver to give yourself a look that is as stylish as it is comfortable.


Gone are the days when eyeglasses and sunglasses were separate options! Our visionary magnetic clip-on frames are proof that eyewear is not only getting more stylish but also functional. A simple pair of eyeglasses can be turned into an uber-chic pair of sunnies in an instant thanks to the magnet powered add-on. A high powered magnet ensures that the clip-on stays in place without slipping and is secure when worn outdoors. Who wants to switch from eyeglasses to sunglasses, when you can simply clip on & carry on!

Trail-Gazing Options In JJ: Available in a sleek rectangular silhouette, our magnetic clip-on style oozes sophistication and panache. Envision a clear view wherever you go along with unmatched style in this stunning accessory !


Ever felt envious of the lucky souls who have no problems with vision and can sport stylish sunglasses wherever and whenever they please? We’ve got you covered! Polarised prescription sunglasses are the perfect remedy for those who want to be on-point with their appearance without having to resort to contact lenses. Today, tinted sunglasses can be crafted with prescription lenses that are sure to give your wardrobe the edge it needs.

Trail-Gazing Options In JJ: We’ve got a wide range of sunglasses with the power option available in three stunning tints - brown, green and grey! Make sunny days brighter and more fashionable with these striking beauties.


As we move into the future, it is clear that we all have a personal responsibility towards the beautiful planet that we inhabit. If you would like to switch between eyewear styles and still maintain a minimal carbon footprint, we suggest you opt for our biodegradable cellulose acetate frames! Sourced from Italian powerhouse Mazzucchelli, our rich acetate collection is filled with styles that range from bold to classic and offer options that are not only wardrobe-friendly but also eco-friendly.

Trail-Gazing Options In JJ: Checked out our trendy transparent acetates collection yet? Fashioned over a skeleton of hand-polished stainless steel, these acetate frames are stylish and durable.


The new normal requires us to wear life-saving masks. However, for those who wear eyeglasses, this has also come with the added challenge of foggy lenses due to a stream of breath that’s redirected upwards due to face masks. The new-age redress to this problem comes in the form of revolutionary anti-fog lenses that repel moisture from forming on the surface of your lenses! Read our article on this for an in-depth look at Anti-fog eyeglasses.

Trail-Gazing Options In JJ:  Anti-fog eyeglasses are certainly worth having in a post-pandemic world - check out Windsor Rim frames for a stylish upgrade and fog-free vision!


Effortless style meets revolutionary eyewear tech in the Titanium Flex collection. Featuring a blend of flexible Ultem material that bounces back and regains shape instantly along with ultra-lightweight Titanium temples and detailing for unmatched strength; these exquisite frames push the boundaries of functionality without compromising on statement making style.

Trail-Gazing Options In JJ: Check out our striking Titanium Flex collection, available in trendy transparent hues as featured in JJ E13183.


Premium quality and high-end style are at the core of everything we do at John Jacobs. Always looking for the next best thing in eyewear innovations, we’re excited to share these offerings with those who share our visionary passion.


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