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Dark Academia Meets Eye-Fashion

Dark Academia Meets Eye-Fashion


Dark Academia 101: How To Nail An Edgy & Elegant Look 


‘Whoever invented high heels, clearly had a side hustle as a torturer’. 

If you feel drawn to this quote by Wednesday Addams, congratulations! You’ve got a penchant for the dark academia sub-culture. When Wednesday became a chart-topper on Netflix, it played a huge role in the re-emergence of some classic sub-cultures, such as dark academia.

Unlike light academia, its dark counterpart is all about embracing preppy elements with a moody vibe and lush winter colour-ways. You can get inspired by this iconic vibe through movies, books and fashion. Here’s everything you need to know about nailing this pop-culture trend through eye-fashion:


What better time to experiment with dark colours than the winter season. Switch out your pastel tints and go for shades of black, burgundy and brown this season. In case you want some more colour you can opt for deep crimson or deep forest green too.

Our Timor frames are great for capturing the winter vibe. Featuring black acetate frames and crimson tints, they have an undeniable moody appeal.


Ditch thicker rims in favour of narrow rims for a more academic look and feel. Dark academia films like Harry Potter and Kill Your Darlings serve as major inspirations for the aesthetic. Daniel Radcliff, the actor playing the protagonist in both films, is seen wearing round, elegant frames.

Try our Connell frames for a scholarly and sophisticated vibe. These lightweight pro-titanium frames are durable and will complement your dark academia aesthetic perfectly.


It’s time to move on from the ‘dark’ and towards the ‘academia’ part of your look. Opt for round or aviator frames to channel an academic vibe. You can also add a metallic or tortoise-textured chain to your temples. This will not only help you go hands-free but also add a retro touch to your look.

Our Lennon frames feature a chiselled round shape and windsor rims, giving this classic a modern upgrade.


This subculture is nothing without its vintage features, be it gothic elements inspired by classic literature or sweater vests and cable knits. Take a cue and choose eyewear with vintage accents like golden rims, links and brown-toned textures.

Our Suho eyeglasses combine a vintage shape with deep copper tone for a glamorously studious style.


If you want to add a groovy touch to your look, dip your toes in striking patterns and textures. You can either go for maroons and browns or stick to classic black - it’s completely up to you!

Our Aspen eyeglasses reflect the dark academia vibe without being mundane. The gold details add a preppy touch, while the deep tortoiseshell texture makes for a classic and balanced look.


From Wednesday and Euphoria to Wuthering Heights and Ace of Spades, it’s the era of dark themes and we’re all for it. We hope this style guide helps you translate your moody vibe into a unique style aesthetic!

Amped-up to upgrade your 2023 eye-fashion? Share your thoughts in the comments below!


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