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Join The Achiever’s Circle




The word ‘gentleman’ has been around for centuries, with its fair share of evolving interpretations. However, it often comes with strings attached, be it setting rigid standards for success or defining noble values.  

With our newest campaign, we attempt to redefine the word and celebrate every individual’s unique version of success. Presenting the Gentlemen’s Edit, where we shine a spotlight on pioneering men and their inspirational journeys. 

Success Through JJ's Lens

The Gentlemen’s Edit features actor and poet Arunoday Singh and chef Ranveer Brar, two accomplished men from their own industries. These leading men not only diversify the definition of success but also reclaim what it means to be a ‘gentleman’.

Known for his memorable performances in Indian cinema, Arunoday Singh brought a fresh perspective on the screen. He likes to keep his eye on the prize and strives to be the best version of himself. “Acting enables me to envision new horizons, and play roles that expand my creative energy. Each day can be as poetic as you make it - I want to forge my life into a work of art. That’s my version of success”, says Arunoday. 

Believing that humility and focus are two of the most vital components of an achiever's mindset, Arunoday’s journey has inspired many.

Elaborating on his recipe for success, chef Ranveer Brar holds passion to be an important ingredient. “You pour so much happiness into your work when you focus on what you love. For me, that’s the true recipe for success”, shared Ranveer. The journey of success may look different for different people, however the one thing stays common is sheer hard work. 

“Find what means the most to you and pursue that calling in spite of the naysayers”, said he while sharing advice for aspiring achievers.

About The Collection

Gentlemen’s Edit is a collection for changemakers and achievers. It features classic and cultured eye-pieces, designed to support your dreams while you strive to achieve them. Browse acetate-titanium fusion frames, refined colourways and versatile silhouettes from our newest curation. 

As described by Ranveer Brar, JJ’s eyewear has “the perfect fit and a timeless appeal”. So go on and pick an eyewear that elevates your journey and complements your personal style. 

Explore the edit now and redefine excellence in your new pair of JJs! 


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