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Happy Women’s Entrepreneurship Day!

Happy Women’s Entrepreneurship Day!


Visionaries That Inspire Us This Women’s Entrepreneurship Day!


Huzzah! Welcome to one of the most special series to feature on the JJ blog so far: #JJVisionaries! All about sharing enterprising stories and eyeconic perspectives, what better way to kickstart this edition than by introducing two female powerhouses on Women’s Entrepreneurship Day?

Meet the uber-talented Anjali Batra, founder of Food Talk India and our dynamic CEO, Apeksha Gupta. Ready to get motivated? Scroll on!

On Good Times & A Greater View:
Anjali Batra, Founder & CMO, Food Talk India.

Anjali Batra’s entrepreneurial journey began with Food Talk India, bringing food & drink brands to life through immersive storytelling and curated experiences. Incredibly instinctive, Anjali possesses a deep passion for connecting people through food & good times!

“I’ve always been about creating the best experiences in life. When I was younger, I’d proactively look for opportunities to be a part of the marketing space. I worked with some phenomenal brands, like S&N, Suneet Verma and Sabyasachi. Eventually, I found my niche in the food industry & I’ve never looked back. Currently, my passion is to make India fall in love with Gin!”

Anjali found her business partner at Food Talk serendipitously, instantly connecting with the venture thanks to a shared vision.

From a secretive invite-only FB group, Food Talk India has grown to be the go-to marketing & branding agency for food and hospitality businesses. Anjali hopes to take their penchant for fun, creativity, food and quality events global someday soon!

“I love building experiences that lead to people having a great time. To know that we’ve transformed someone’s simple evening out into something unforgettable is the most rewarding feeling. In that moment, all the stress, the hard work and the meticulous planning feels worth it! I feel lucky to be in this space.”

Eye For Style: Minimalist, Versatile, Chic.

On-The-Go Style: Depends on the mood of the day!

Fave JJ Designs: Buffay, Merlot, Airelle

On Sharing Spectacular Sights:
Apeksha Gupta, CEO & Creative Director, John Jacobs.

Fearless, dapper and forward-thinking, John Jacobs’ youngest CEO, Ms Apeksha Gupta exudes a strong sense of clarity and purpose. At the age of 30, Apeksha has taken the reins to reframing the future of eye-fashion!

“Early on in my career, I had gotten the chance to be the tastemaker for International brands like Diesel, Super Dry and M&S in India, collaborating with colleagues from 70+ countries. I got the opportunity to be in places where the future of retail was being shaped and major trends were being born. Strategies like Omnichannel retail, which were mere buzzwords back then have been instrumental in my vision for John Jacobs.”

Focused on approaching fashion with a technology driven mindset, Apeksha had begun her journey at JJ when the brand was still at a nascent stage.

Her priorities for John Jacobs are truly visionary - to be technology driven, evolve to a circular economic model, be innovative in approach and craft an omnichannel experience fit for the brand’s discerning, fashion-conscious TG.

“By singularly focusing on product strategy and our customer, we have managed to become the largest D2C eyewear company in the country. We value what our customers value - quality, innovation, style and authenticity. We aim to be the default eyewear option for our customers, seamlessly blending into their lifestyle.”

Eye For Style: Fierce, Chic, Unapologetically Feminine.

On-The-Go Style: A sleek dress, a blazer and structured eyeglasses.

Fave JJ Designs: Elton, Aster, Edith

Overcoming every challenge with panache & letting the work speak for itself, women entrepreneurs are truly charting a new course in the world of business. Join us in applauding these changemakers!

But wait! This is just a part of the whole story - stay tuned for our #JJVisionaries series where we do a deep dive into each of their entrepreneurial journeys & more!



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