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Love Potion 101

Love Potion 101


Cupid Who? A Unique POV On Love

"My atoms love your atoms, it's chemistry" - Atticus

As Cupid prepares to throw his arrow toward your destined better half, some might want to treat Valentine’s Day differently. We all have a certain mindset towards this day that revolves around candlelit dinners, getting flowers, heart-shaped chocolates, trips, etc. but have you ever considered making it a celebration for yourself? 

 Amidst the sea of romantic expectations, why not redirect the spotlight onto the most important person in your life – you? Instead of waiting for someone else to make this day special, consider crafting an experience that caters to your interests, passions, and well-being.  

Let's embrace this day to acknowledge and cherish all forms of love. Expressing gratitude to family and friends, and even celebrating self-love, strengthens the bonds beyond the romantic realm on Valentine’s Day. 


 This Valentine's Day, ditch the clichés and turn love into a wild adventure of kindness! Trade commercial gestures for random acts of sweetness, dive into volunteering, or join forces for a charitable cause. 

It's not just about your friendship—it's about sprinkling good vibes into the universe. Let's reimagine Valentine's as a community service extravaganza, where love isn't just felt but spread like confetti!

Valentine's Day isn't just for couples—it's your moment to prioritise self-love! Forget the traditional norms and dive into a day of quirky celebrations. Swap roses for a good book, trade romantic dinners for epic baths, and embark on outdoor escapades that scream 'self-appreciation.' 

This isn't just breaking the norm; it's a rebellion against expectations. Because self-love isn't just a mantra—it's the secret sauce for rockstar relationships. 

Forget the mushy love birds and overpriced roses! Let's celebrate the real heroes of our hearts: our platonic soulmates! Valentine's Day is the perfect excuse to throw a love party for the squad that's been there through endless crying and mushy DMs (and all the embarrassing dance moves in between). So raise a glass to the bonds that don't require cheesy pick-up lines, just pure, unadulterated awesomeness.

Because let's face it, true friendship is the ultimate Valentine's Day gift, and it's one we can all enjoy, no matter our relationship status. Now, who's ready for a group hug (platonic, of course)?

This Valentine's Day, trade roses for a tree hug and ditch candlelit dinners for starlit strolls! Embrace nature's love language with a hike, a tree-planting escapade, or just some quality time under the sky. Let's groove to the eco-beat, where humans and nature tango in a symphony of green harmony. 

Be an Earth Cupid, spreading love through environmental TLC and showing our planet some heart-shaped leafy emojis. Love is in the air, and so are oxygen molecules—celebrate both this Valentine's Day! 

Valentine's Day, a cosmic pit stop to high-five your achievements! Hug yourself or your pals for conquering life's levels. Give a virtual fist bump to your inner superhero, acknowledging the epic journey of heart emojis and high-fives. Forget heart-shaped candies, revel in the sweet victory of shared success! 

Cupid's arrow now aims for personal and squad goals, not just romantic rendezvous. So, let's dance in the confetti of accomplishments because love isn't just heart-shaped, it's goal-shaped too!


And there you have it, folks! We've just crafted a Valentine's Day makeover that's quirkier than a flamingo in a tutu doing the cha-cha. Forget the usual heart-shaped clichés; we're embracing love in all its funky forms! From high-fiving your pet goldfish to appreciating the romantic allure of recycled cardboard, this celebration is as diverse as a disco party in outer space.

Let's make Valentine's Day a wild fiesta where everyone's invited – even that sock you lost in the laundry. Because love, my friends, is as wonderfully wacky as a unicorn's yoga session. Cheers to the quirkiest lovefest in town!

This Valentine’s John Jacobs is breaking perceptions about stereotypical love. What about you?

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Editorial Team of John Jacobs

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