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Preppy Eye-Fashion 101

Preppy Eye-Fashion 101


Oversized Glasses FTW! 7 Nerdy Frames To Make A Smart Statement In


Nerd-alert! It wasn’t many years ago that ‘nerdy’ fashion became the new urban favourite. Remember Taylor Swift’s iconic look from You Belong With Me? It wouldn’t be as memorable without the statement, oversized glasses. 

If you love the cute academia aesthetic, you’ll agree that an oversized frame is its key ingredient. That’s your cue to read our freshly curated shopping guide! From lightweight and sleek frames to bold and vibrant ones, this guide has nerd glasses for everyone.


 A blend of vibrant acetate and sleek metalworks, our Crowley frames are a classic must-have. Crafted for durable comfort and unbeatable style, these frames come in four unique hues. You can opt for pink and give your ensemble a vivid pop of colour, or go for the timeless black and gold finish for a subtle statement.


Most academia-inspired looks feature signature round frames. If you’re not into them, you can still recreate the same look with Vaughan. Black and bold, these glasses feature a modern aviator silhouette, while retaining a classic appeal. The ombre rims give it a trendy twist!


This next frame is our top pick for working professionals and minimalists. Need a pair that won’t make a bold statement but exude quiet confidence? Aydin is perfect for you. This modern and sleek silhouette is designed to complement your look, without overpowering it. Elevate your formal or semi-formal wear with this nerdy pair!


Oversized glasses have a reputation for being inflexible and not versatile enough for every face shape. Here’s Duma breaking that stereotype for you! Its rounded-square shape makes it suitable for most (if not all) face shapes. Featuring softly tinted acetate rims, this frame will be the highlight of your academia-inspired look.


Bold, daring and strong, that’s how we describe our Alden frames. This pair may not be everyone, but for the experimental individuals. Crafted in Italian cellulose acetate, this pair is designed to steal the spotlight at first glance. You can pair it with a classic outfit to elevate it or with an adventurous outfit to complement it.


Nerdy, matte and scholarly, Hades is an essential accessory for academia lovers. Exuding a vintage vibe, this pair comes in three eye-catching colours. While it features subtle details and accents, it’s a statement piece in itself, all thanks to its oversized silhouette. Put them on and your look is complete!


Last but not least, we’re ending our wish list with Rimmer. This iconic pair is not for the faint of heart. Its multi-faceted texture and thick rims make it an instant game-changer. Be it a casual outfit for a brunch or a special date night look, Rimmer is sure to spike up the fashion quotient. Give it a try if you’re seeking a conversation starter eye-piece!


Glasses are one of the most underrated fashion accessories. Whether your eyes need them or not, your wardrobe definitely needs a good collection of frames. You can start by exploring our website and grab striking eye-fashion! 

Go on and frame your style!


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