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Got Playful Kids? Save Your Eyeglasses The Breakage!

Got Playful Kids? Save Your Eyeglasses The Breakage!


4 Eyewear Safety Tips For Parents With Playful Kids


Splish, Splash, Sploosh! Having children in your life is an absolute roller coaster! The little bubs sure know how to keep parents on their toes, with mischievous antics and melodramatic shenanigans.

While all this may be super entertaining for you on most days, it is not nearly as amusing for your eyewear. Eyewear is meant to be taken care of and kept in safety in order to last longer. Add naughty kids to the mix and you’ll need to keep an even more watchful eye on your glasses. If you intend to keep them around longer, that is!

Want to know all the things you can do to keep yourself from breaking the bank on eyewear with active children running around? Read on!

Let’s be real, with playful kids around, there is always a chance of eyeglasses dropping, lenses getting damaged or freak accidents resulting in broken lenses. Thus, having the best quality lenses with shock-proofing and crack-resistant qualities is paramount. Although it is tempting to go for low-priced lenses, you tend to get fewer features, making your lenses less resistant in the long run.

At John Jacobs, we source our lenses from international industry leaders like Rodenstock from Germany and Tokai from Japan. Our CR 39 and MR series lens materials are crack-resistant and smudge-proof to ensure that you can maintain your eyeglasses effortlessly. Through our partners’ fully automated manufacturing processes, we leave no stone unturned when it comes to precision and quality!


Children are naturally curious and find eyeglasses irresistibly entertaining! They love holding these, playing with them and twisting them around the moment they can get their hands on a pair. Thus, you need frames that can withstand their curiosity, just in case your toddler finds them amusing one fine day!

Check out stylish eyeglasses from our Titanium Flex collection to prepare for your kid’s innate inquisitiveness! These stunners are outfitted with ultra-sleek titanium end-pieces, a memory-titanium bridge and frames crafted in flexible Ultem material. Blending super-strength and flexibility, these virtually unbreakable spectacles are guaranteed to minimize the risk factor of having playful kids around. These also make for lightweight and unbreakable reading glasses you can simply toss on your bedside table before falling asleep!


No matter how careful you are, keeping glasses out of reach is the only fool-proof way to ensure your eyeglasses stay put with boisterous kids around! One of the most convenient and portable ways of doing this is keeping an eyewear case handy. This will not only protect your glasses from wear and tear but will also keep them safe when you are not wearing them.

Your John Jacobs eyewear will always be delivered to you with a high-quality eyewear case and microfiber cloth. Minimalist in style and highly utilitarian, these are the perfect tools to ensure your eyewear lasts longer. Unbox trending glasses for men and women and get these stylish and functional essentials at no additional cost!


Foggy vision is never a good thing, especially with children running around. Eyeglasses tend to fog up due to temperature differences, wearing face masks and even occur while enjoying a cup of hot beverage! If you would like to steer clear of cloudy vision, go for Anti-Fog lenses. Anti-Fog coating on both sides of the lenses prevents moisture from collecting on the surface, ensuring precise vision at all times.

Go for lightweight steel rims or trendy glass frames in cellulose acetate by John Jacobs and upgrade them with Anti-Fog lenses for fog-free vision at all times. Opt for versatile colours and chic textured glasses that are sure to help you avoid tripping on your children’s toys and losing sight of their adorable faces!


Having children around the house changes your perception of many things - including how you keep products that you wish to use for a long time. When it comes to eyewear, keep these 4 pointers in mind to play with your kids and engage in their revelry worry-free!

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