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Gift Guide For Earth Signs

Gift Guide For Earth Signs


Eye-Fashion Oracle: The Only Gift Guide You Need For Earth Signs


Hello, astro-believers! Welcome to a celestial world where stars have aligned to help you pick the most suitable eyewear gift for your Earth Sign besties.

We all love receiving a thoughtful and unique gift. Picking the perfect gift, however, is challenging as ever. This is when viewing the world through a celestial lens comes in handy. Read on for a cheat-sheet into your loved one’s inner world & get just the perfect gift for them!


Virgo's personality shines through their loyalty. Their commitment to loved ones is unwavering. Steadfast and trustworthy, ‘Virgo’, symbolised by The Virgin, will enjoy reliable and functional fashion.

Our Coraline frame, made in Titanium, is crafted for long term comfort. These frames are just as supportive as Virgos. For a more experimental yet durable pair, you can opt for Duma.


Capricorns are practical, positioning them as experts in the realm of grounded decision-making. Their careful attention to detail guides them as they strategically walk towards success. Here's a gift that aligns with their nature and preferences.

Mazie, designed with keeping practicality in mind, offers unbeatable durability with its Flexible Ultem Material. These frames are not only sturdy but also lightweight and comfortable to wear. With a variety of fashionable options, Mazie eyewear is the perfect choice for individuals who approach life strategically.

Taurus people are super reliable. They're trustworthy folks and provide rock solid support. They stick to their promises and stay loyal because they're patient and determined. When things are good or tough, you can count on Taurus to be there. 

We picked Sullivan, a bold acetate frame that’s sturdy enough to withstand the test of time. These frames have an oversized shape and head-turning look. Most importantly, they are comfortable to wear and available in a variety of patterns and colours.


Every zodiac sign has its special qualities to love. And what better way of expressing love to our dear ones than by giving them a gift that complements their personality? It's a simple but heartfelt way to make them feel seen and special. 


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