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Eyewear Gift Guide For Air Signs

Eyewear Gift Guide For Air Signs


Eye-Fashion Oracle: Best Eyewear Gifts For Air Signs


What makes birthdays so special? For some of us it’s the cake, for others it’s the celebration and for many of us, it’s the gifts. No matter how many birthdays we cross, the excitement of unwrapping a gift stays unhinged. 

What better way of finding a gift than using a cheat-sheet to your loved ones’ personality, a.k.a. this gift guide. We’ve curated a list of handpicked eyewear which are sure to be loved by air signs. The freedom-bearers of the zodiac world deserve a gift that’s as special as they are.


This air sign is known for their unconventional quirks and rebellious personalities. However, their original perspective is what makes them so fearlessly authentic. Aquarius is a liberal sign and is rarely opposed to change. In fact, they often consciously seek change and growth. 

A statement pair of sunglasses, like our Airelle frames, is an excellent gift for Aquarius women. Bold eyeglasses like Jolson and Ibisco feature exaggerated silhouettes which are sure to appeal to a daring Aquarius. 


Finding a thoughtful astrology gift for a Gemini is not easy. They have multifaceted personalities and are more likely to have more than one interest. In fact, they’re known for their flexible and adaptable attitude. They aren’t afraid to take the centerstage at any given moment. We can easily imagine them being the life of the party!

JJ’s dual-toned Cove eyeglasses are just as flexible as a Gemini. Made using polymer TR90, this soft pink eyewear is a head-turner. You can also opt for something bold, like our Capri sunglasses. This pair features a supersized shape that’s bound to complement the fun-loving Gemini personality. 


This sign is creative, objective and collaborative. Librans thrive in social situations and are definitely social people. While their practical and strategic mindset makes them a problem-solver, they also love to indulge in some luxury from time to time. Their accommodative nature tends to appeal to the majority in social situations. 

What’s a great gift for Libra? Eyewear that’s durable, comfortable and a conversation starter. We recommend our Konark frames which are sleek and lightweight. Versatile eyewear like Acropolis is yet another great choice of gift for Libra men and women. 

If you find choosing the right gift confusing, you can always rely on astrology to help you out. After all, once the stars align in your favour, there’s nothing that can stop you from finding the perfect zodiac gift. 

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