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Care Tips For Your Eyewear

Care Tips For Your Eyewear




Be it prescription glasses or sunglasses, finding the perfect eyewear fit is no cakewalk. After going through hundreds of options and shapes, you finally find a forever frame that's going to carry your look, no matter how many outfits you try.

If you relate with the trials of eyewear browsing, you’re sure to love these maintenance tips in order to elongate the life of your eye-fashion picks. This guide will help you retain the quality of your glasses and increase their shelf life. Continue reading to make full use of your favourite eyewear styles!

1. Rinse With Warm Water

Do you know how to clean your eyeglasses correctly? Well, the method is quite simple. You can either use a cleaning spray or lukewarm water. This ensures that all the dust particles are removed smoothly from the surface. If you skip this step, these particles can cause scratches and damage the lenses.

Typically, we recommend that you rinse your eyeglasses regularly. However, this can vary as per the frequency of usage. Our smudge-resistant, scratch-resistant, and moisture repellant lenses make this step a lot smoother on a day-to-day basis.

2. Allow Them To Air Dry 

This step is crucial for lens care and maintenance. If you wipe your eyeglasses right after rinsing, the chances of scratches are higher. There may be some remaining dust and dirt that can cause damage. The safest way of cleaning eyeglasses is to rinse, air dry and then wipe with a microfibre cloth.

3. Use A Microfibre Cloth

Have you noticed the tiny cloth that comes along with your eyewear packaging? Yes, that’s a microfibre cloth which you must not lose AT ANY COST. Instead of wiping the lenses with your T-shirt or whatever you’re wearing, use a microfibre cloth for cleaning glasses. The fabric is especially designed for removing dust gently. Using tissues, paper towels or anything else can damage the surface of lenses.

4. Place Them Correctly

Minimise the contact between your lenses and any other surface. In other words, always place your eyewear with the lenses facing upwards. It goes without saying that the surface can have dust and other particles that will damage your lens. Ideally, you must place your eyewear back in the case when not in use.

5. Pick Your Case Wisely

There are three things you must consider while choosing an eyewear case. Firstly, the case should be sturdy and have a durable build. Hardshell cases are the strongest. Secondly, the inner lining of the case must be soft and premium. This is important to keep the lenses safe. Thirdly, the size of the case must be considered. Your frame should easily fit into the case. 

John Jacobs cases check all three boxes. Crafted in faux leather, the range of cases feature bespoke prints and quirky hues. The cases have a soft suede lining on the inside and are especially designed for top-notch lens care. Additionally, these origami-inspired cases fold into a wallet-sized storage pouch for portability and ease of access.

6. Wear And Remove Appropriately

We don’t realise how fidgety we get with our frames. Here are some guidelines to adhere to, if you don’t want your frames to lose their shape:

Avoid wearing your eyeglasses on your head. Do not remove your frames with one hand or by holding the nose bridge. Always remove your glasses using both your hands. Lastly, always carry your case in your bag. This will keep you from carrying your frames loosely.

For those who wear prescription glasses regularly, a scratched-up vision is far from ideal. Take a cue and follow these eyewear cleaning and maintenance tips. After all, your eyes deserve sharp vision.


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