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Eye-Catching Duos For Friendship Day

Eye-Catching Duos For Friendship Day


5 Eye-Fashion Combos As Iconic As You & Your Bestie


Are you and your bestie twinning and winning on the regular? Do you mix and match your style sensibilities to turn heads wherever you go? Well, friends come in all kinds of shapes and sizes, just like JJs - and guess what? We love twinning and winning too. Ergo, our BOGO offer. So that you can shop 2 eyecons for you and your BFF, for the price of 1!

Read on to discover iconic eyewear combinations to roll with this Friendship Day - and gather some best friend gift ideas along the way.


An exceptionally fun and vibrant pair like you, and your partner in crime, need no introduction. If the two of you are always the life of the party, making waves with your impeccable looks, you are the quintessential Party Animals!

Living it up is the mantra for party aficionados like yourselves, and our ultra-fresh tints are your perfect match. Check out our vivid duo, Ford and Azalea to shine at every soirèe.


In this case, the adage "friends are the family we pick" is applicable. If your friend has been there through all the highs and lows, you are lifelong buddies, and need a touching gift for best friend shenanigans!

Lifelong buddies need an eyewear combo that can survive the test of time, in both style and quality. Our Pro Titanium eyecons Chet and Hercule make for the best Friendship Day gifts!


Witty, loaded with memes and punchlines, you and your bestie are sure to have people laughing and sobbing at the same time! If that sounds like the right vibe for your squad, you’re the Funny Bunch we all need in our lives.

Doesn’t such a cool pair deserve the coolest eyewear? Our durable, flexible, TR Flex frames, Brie and Jules are sure to bend to your comedic will!


Are you and your buddies silent allies, facing life challenges together with quiet confidence? If you and your best friend have an ‘us against the world’ kind of perspective, you are the Quiet Musketeers!

Give the plans you envision together a tinted elegance with our striking pair - Albero and Berkus. Black is the ultimate colour for visionaries, and is sure to compliment your dynamic bond!


Do you and your friend learn a lot from each other? Is your bestie also your work wife? If you find yourself regularly leaning on each other for career advice, you have the mentorship dynamic.

Eyeglasses are the best gift ideas for friends who work with you. A powerful team deserves a visionary duo, like Cesar and Vanderbilt. Crafted in 100% stainless steel, these eye-pieces are tough as nails and lightweight to boot.


Add extra spice to your camaraderie by shopping John Jacobs’ eyeconic friendship day gifts online or at one of our flagship stores. We hope you love our iconic duos as much as we do!


*Disclaimer: Images are used for representational purposes only.


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