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John Jacobs' Spectacular Mother's Day Gift Guide

John Jacobs' Spectacular Mother's Day Gift Guide


7 Uber-Chic Gift Ideas For An Eyeconic Mother's Day


Let’s just get this out of the way - mothers deserve to be celebrated every day of the year! However, Mother’s Day does afford the perfect opportunity to express your admiration and make mom feel extra special. 

Any gift for mom is best when it's thoughtful, functional and sophisticated. If you’re on the hunt for special mother’s day gifts, you’re in the right place. Read on for visionary gift ideas for mom, based on her dominant personality trait!


The cheerleader mom believes in your ability to accomplish anything! Supportive, kind and motivating, she’s the one who stays in your corner through ups and downs of life. Show her some love by gifting her a vibrant pair of round metal eyeglasses, that reflect her outgoing personality in style.

JJ Picks: Our stunning Elkie frames feature a vivid colour gradient on the rims and ergonomic nose-pads for ultimate comfort. These are an impressive gift for mom all year round!


Always looking at the world with an open mind and an idealistic POV, the optimist mom is a breath of fresh air. She’s not a regular mom, you see. She’s a cool mom. What better way to commemorate her invigorating perspective this Mother’s Day, than to gift her a pair of rose-tinted sunglasses?

JJ Picks: Dewey is a class apart. Featuring soft, rosy tints and elegant details, these classic sunglasses exude a retro-chic vibe like no other! If you think good gifts for mom are hard to come by, take a peek at Dewey.


All nice gifts for mom are thoughtful when they cater to her dearest hobbies. The adventurer mom is always on the lookout for striking sights and stunning vistas! If your mom loves adventures, you probably have fond memories of outdoor activities and exotic vacations with her. Frame her view with impeccable eye-fashion in trendy transparent tints.

JJ Picks: Our uber-fresh Lucca transparents are a great gift for mom, especially if she spends a lot of time outdoors! Perfect for everything under the sun, from hiking to sundowners; these stylish sunnies turn heads with every glance.


One of the best mother’s day gifts you can give an education-focused mom is a pair of chic eyeglasses. Especially taking into consideration the amount of time she’s spent perusing your homework! She’s the kind of mom who got along swimmingly at every parent-teacher conference and got involved in all your school activities. Thank her for helping you build a bright future with a pair of sleek cat-eye frames!

JJ Picks: Nova is simple, stylish and versatile. These rich acetate cat-eye frames pair beautifully with all kinds of outfits and are sure to fit right into your mom’s practical wardrobe. This gift for mom is sure to be appreciated by her for many years to come!


The protector mom has spent her whole life shielding you from harm’s way. She has a fierce approach to motherhood and never lets you feel like you’re alone. Tell her she means everything to you by gifting her a timeless pair of aviator frames. Add BLU lenses to protect her eyes from digital glare, and secure a super thoughtful gift for mom!

JJ Picks: Our Hawn aviator frames are crafted in 100% stainless steel for extreme durability and featherlight wearability. These striking steelworks are one of the most sophisticated and special mother’s day gifts on this list!


We’ve all been inspired by our mom’s sartorial choices at one point or another. However, with a fashionista mom, you are likely to be inspired all life long. Be it her statement sunglasses, refined jewellery or classic attire - the fashionista mom doesn’t miss a single beat when it comes to impeccable style. Gift her a pair of metallic aviator shades with a modern twist this Mother’s Day!

JJ Picks: Iona is a timeless beauty, perfect for impressing your fashion-forward mother! Featuring dynamic curves, a high nose-bridge and sparkling metallic hues, these sunnies are the perfect addition to any gift hamper for mom.


If she’s your best friend and your closest confidante, you are sure to be on the search for unique gifts for mom this Mother’s Day. If we may say so, it doesn’t get more unique than our vibrant metallic frames! The confidante mom has an extremely loving approach to parenting, and these beauties are sure to compliment her lively nature.

JJ Picks: Suho radiates joyful whimsy with a vivid chrome finish and a curved nose-bridge. These eyecons are ideal presents for mom - especially if yours has a fresh outlook on life and relationships. Gift her these ace eye-catchers to make unforgettable memories!


Sunglasses and eyeglasses are some of the most useful gifts for mom, as eyewear is the perfect intersection of fashion and function. BTW, Mother’s Day is just around the corner - hurry up and pick the eyedeal gift for mom!

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