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Which Frame Colour Will Suit You Best?

Which Frame Colour Will Suit You Best?



We all know that frames can either make or break our outfits. But did you know that the colour of the frame can make a huge difference in creating the look you desire? When choosing a pair of frames, start with finding a style that either complements or contrasts against your hair colour, eye colour, and skin tone. While neutral frames like black and brown have a versatile quality, coloured frames are all about adding the oomph factor.

Read through our guide for finding a frame colour that makes all your favourite features stand out.


Matching Glasses To Your Eye Colour -

For those with neutral eye colour, frames in black, brown, and beige hues will do the trick to illuminate your eyes. But if you’re looking for something brighter and eye-catchy, then coloured frames like red and blue are perfect for you. For green or blue eyes, our recommendation is that you opt for contrasting colours like orange and yellow tones.


Matching Glasses To Your Skin Tone, Not Colour -

Cool skin types with a pink undertone look best with similar cool-toned frames like blue, gunmetal, grey, green, and clear. Neutral skin types, with a mix of pink and gold undertones, can wear just about anything. Go bold with stark black or keep it neutral with a tortoise pattern. And for warm skin tones, accented with a gold undertone, colours like brown, red, orange, and gold are the key.


Matching Glasses To Your Hair Colour -

First, ask yourself if you’re looking to create a minimalist style statement or a bold one. Darker frames in black or tortoiseshell look sleek on black hair. Whereas white or grey hair is a great hair colour for anyone who likes to experiment with different styles. For hair colours like green or brown, choose a contrasting colour that stands out against your hair colour without creating a disbalance.


Depending on the vibe you want to go for, your frames can bring either a subtle finish or a striking statement to your look. At John Jacobs, you can choose from over 500 designs that come in a multitude of colours to create any style you desire.


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