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What Do Your Glasses Say About Your Personality?

What Do Your Glasses Say About Your Personality?




Choosing glasses is not just about visual aid anymore. They allow you to express your personality and emphasize your style. Therefore you must take extra care while selecting them. There’s an array of eyewear options available around you. From minimalist frames to bold styles - knowing what your eyewear says about your personality becomes pertinent.  


The Magnificent & Minimalist - 

If you’re someone who prefers to accentuate your eyes with clean lines and simple yet classic styles, you’re all about the minimalism. You let your eyes and charm take the spotlight. You also have subtle frames, like semi-rimless, rimless, or oval glasses that do not take up too much of your face. We’d suggest these rimless eyeglasses to match your personality. 

frameless spectacles

The Bold & Beautiful - 

Anything that’s spunky, unique, brightly coloured and very much in trend appeals the most to you. You love to make a fashionable statement wherever you go. You aren’t afraid to experiment with your style as far as it matches your mood and occasion. Our pick would be these tortoise shell glasses to blend with your personality.   

tortoiseshell frames


The Stylish & Sporty - 

You’re someone who likes to keep a fine balance between style and functionality. While the design is important, you also pay utmost attention to comfort and durability. You are ready to take on the most extreme conditions, which is why you prefer rectangular or aviator glasses that get the job done. Our suggestion - these modified aviators that are as comfy as your style, thanks to bespoke nose-pads which self-adjust to the contours of your nose.

aviator specs


Next time, while shopping for your eyewear, make sure that the glasses you choose are bringing out your personality while matching your face shape. Visit John Jacobs Eyewear to find such styles for you.

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