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Towards A Greener Future

Towards A Greener Future


Vision With A Conscience

In the current fashion era, sustainability is emerging as a critical influence, urging brands to rethink their strategies and commit to eco-friendly practices. With the increasing consumer preference for ethically sourced products, fashion companies are recognising the urgency of adopting sustainable measures. From materials used to manufacturing process, a holistic approach to sustainability is gaining momentum, targeting the industry's environmental footprint.

 Key Features Of The Eco-Acetate Collection:

 Sustainable Eyewear 

In conclusion, the John Jacobs Eco-Acetate Collection sets a new standard in eco-conscious fashion, blending sustainability with style. By using M49 bioplastic and 69% plant-based materials, this collection significantly reduces environmental impact while maintaining high functionality with features like 100% UV protection and flexible spring hinges.

Written By:

Mahima Pahwa

Editorial Team of John Jacobs

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