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This Is What Your Glasses Say About Your Personality!

This Is What Your Glasses Say About Your Personality!


Your glasses are one of the first things that people notice about you. Are they making you look chic or old-fashioned, bold or cheerful, creative or business-oriented? There’s an array of eyewear options available around you. From quirky frames to vintage styles in varied colours - knowing what your eyewear says about your personality becomes pertinent.  

We list three personality types and the eyewear that’ll complement their traits and enhance individuality.

Tortoise-Shell For The Cheerful Ones -

Tortoise-shell glasses are full of charm and spunk. The speckled patterns and the bright hues scream energy and liveliness. They make a long-lasting impression and bring out a creative and artistic side of your personality. They’re also a favourite amongst those who like to express their style statement cheerfully.


Browline For The Business-Oriented -

These glasses, with their clean and pragmatic lines, have business written all over them. The upper part of the frame is bold, whereas the lower part is minimalist, marrying the two styles in a balanced, stylish manner. They’re a classic power accessory to add to your workwear wardrobe. Wear them every day to the office and make a compelling statement, which establishes your authority but also tells people that you’re friendly.


Transparent For The Chic & Fashionable -

Glasses come in a multitude of colours. While black frames continue to remain a favourite, transparent eyeglasses have become the next big trend. They have a subtle allure about them that come in various shapes to add to your chic personality. Wear them to the weekend brunches or evening galas and show off your persona in style.


Next time, while shopping for your eyewear, make sure that the glasses you choose are bringing out your personality while matching your face shape. Visit John Jacobs to find such styles for you.



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