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His & Hers

His & Hers

There are two kinds of couples.

The first kind sits on opposite sides of the table. They eat from different plates and have different views on the same subjects. Basically, normal people.

Then there’s the kind that sits on the same side of the table. They share plates, spoons, and soulful looks. Heck, they probably share an email account. 

If you and your SO belong to the latter category, then John Jacobs’ unisex sunglasses are just the thing for you. Or as we like to call them, the Mr/Mrs shades. Because it’s hard to tell where the mister ends and the missus begins.

Some couples are more daring. They play naughty word games, get matching tattoos, and even leave the toilet seat up (without consequences). For such daredevils, these modish frames are just what the love doctor ordered.

Even annoyingly committed couples have to meet the parents sometime. But you don’t want to look too formal, and you certainly don’t want to look too casual. Enter these trendy frames, perfect for both occasions, and both mummies and daddies (in law).

These classic frames will put already swooning couples into a coma. We’re talking Sleeping Beauty and handsome Disney prince-type wonder-world here. Try them on, get a matching pair, and you’ll be dancing duets in no time.

Retro in the metro when these chic shades are around. Any couple joined at the hip and wearing this stylish number will find it impossible to look past each other. Not that they’d be struggling in the first place.

Sure, you love each other. Sure, you’re willing to meet halfway. But sometimes, staying together comes down to dumb luck. Like when you give her your computer and she doesn’t check your browser history. So try out these eyeglasses and touch wood.

So get your favourite pair(s) and be the Romeo to her Juliet. Or the Romeo to his Juliet. Either way, we’re down with it.

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