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The Ultimate Father’s Day Gift Guide For Every Type Of Dad.

The Ultimate Father’s Day Gift Guide For Every Type Of Dad.

From teaching us how to ride our first bike to helping us navigate through the trials and tribulations of adulthood, our dads have been right by our side through it all.

As Father’s Day is just around the corner, it’s time for you to select a gift for him. But not sure what to get him exactly? Well, we’ve narrowed down the 5 types of dads that we see around us every day, and the perfect glasses to match their personality and style.

The Workaholic Dad:

If your dad is a go-getter, who puts on his suit and tie at 7:30 in the morning, and is running his third meeting by 10 am, then these Pro Titanium frames are the best pick for him. The elegant design will bring focus to his eyes, and the lightweight feel will take him through all his meetings, swinging in comfort.

The Playful & Young at Heart Dad:

Age is never a bar for this type of dad. He isn’t afraid to try new things and is quick to adapt to changing fashion. He is always on the lookout for new adventures and loves to experiment with his style. These Tortoise Acetate frames will match his eclectic persona and add to his playful vibe.

The ‘I’m Your Friend’ Dad:

He’s a friend and a confidante, with whom you can share all your secrets and feelings. He’ll speak to you for long hours giving you relationship advice and would go to any extent to cheer you up when you’re sad. Transparent, textured glasses will blend perfectly with his style.

The Strong & Silent Dad:

This dad does not talk much, but his mere presence was enough to set you quaking in the knees as a child. Even as an adult, you are still secretly afraid of incurring his wrath. His simplistic & subtle charm turns heads wherever he goes. Opt for these Supreme Steel frames that are as strong as his personality.

The Gadget Geek Dad:

A technology fan, this dad’s dinner table conversation is always around some newly released app or gadget that he discovered. He is the first one to reply to your messages on the group and keeps sending Internet memes and product reviews. Basically, he is hooked to his screen all the time. Gift him these nerdy round eyeglasses that come with Blu Smartphone lenses to protect his eyes from harmful digital rays, while he continues to enjoy his favourite hobby.

No matter which personality type best describes him, he deserves to be pampered. This Father’s Day, show him how much you care, with a small token of eyesome love from John Jacobs.

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