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The Cool, The Contemporary, And The Colourful.

The Cool, The Contemporary, And The Colourful.

Featuring a palette of peppy colours, sophisticated vibes, and ultramodern designs, our latest collection - A Coloured Cast, is all about enhancing your everyday style. Open new perspectives with frames that create a feeling of playful extravagance.

We’ve listed below the most covetable styles and premium quality pieces that will carry you through the new season.

The Bright Colours -

Dark colours are the forever colours of autumn, but this year, bright green has become an up-and-comer. It has always been a fashionista’s go-to colour — and eyewear is no exception. Make a statement by going for this bright and bold hue, in a fun and new-age shape.

The Brow Bar Game -

Tired of the classic round style? Switch to these runway favourites that boast of an edgy brow bar. With chunky exaggerations and funky colours, they’re impossible to ignore and easy to admire.

The Offbeat Textures -

The fastest route to take your ensemble from summer to autumn is to add a layer of textures. Ladies, merging your denim jackets with shimmering gold accents is the key, while men should focus on combining basic colours with the havana trend.

Earthy tones for autumn is passe. Make way for solid colours and textures that are a necessary addition to ease into the new season. Find your favourite pick from John Jacobs.  

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