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Style Meets Minimalism With These New Rimless Glasses!

Style Meets Minimalism With These New Rimless Glasses!


When it comes to creating a fashion-forward look, the minimalist trend has been on the rise and is becoming popular by the day. If you’re looking to ace this trend, then our collection of rimless eyeglasses is the answer. Technically as well as aesthetically, they get to the heart of the design and are a stylish statement. 

Rimless glasses are lighter and more comfortable than full-rimmed frames, and look good on most face shapes.

Below we list three of our frames from the collection.  

Subtle Cat-Eyes-

With a subtle nod to the retro trend, these cat-eye frames are the way-to-go in the new year. They help you keep the spotlight on your face and not on your frames and create a sweet, subtle charm. Find them in elegant colours like gold and silver and pair them with your workwear for maximum impact.


Sophisticated Squares-

Eyeglasses are a forever accessory. This season, it should be on your list of essentials to both protect your eyes and be chic in. The square-shaped lenses showcase a rimless and a ‘barely there’ feel, just what makes them the perfect everyday eyewear.


Refined Rectangles-  

Rectangular frames matched with casual wear to be your combo for every season. Carved with precision in titanium, these frames are undeniably strong and impeccably lightweight.


The rimless eyeglasses trend is here to stay. Find your perfect match of elegance and class with a wide variety from John Jacobs.


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