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Show off your charm with vintage metal eyewear!

Show off your charm with vintage metal eyewear!

What’s old is new again! Just like garments and accessories, eyewear trends are also cyclic – they have a way of making a comeback. And the 70s-inspired vintage metal frames are already becoming a huge hit.

Classy and stylish, metal frames are a great choice if you are looking to make a bold statement. These frames are designed to give the old school vibe of an iconic era, but with a lot of attitude and oomph.

Let’s take a look at three of the coolest metal frames of the season.

The Classic Rounds

Think Harry Potter and John Lennon, but more fashionable. Round eyeglasses are a versatile choice and come in elegant colours like gold, black, silver, gunmetal and tortoise. This stylish frame shape lends a relaxed, retro vibe that leaves you looking effortlessly cool, with a pop of bright red for added drama.

A Quirky Affair

Metal eyeglasses aren’t just about sophistication but are also great for those who like to experiment with their looks. Like these hexagonal eyeglasses that are masterfully rendered in stainless steel, are sure to be a delight. They’re durable, they’re edgy, yet they have a timeless appeal to them.

Retro Minimalism

Minimalism is the buzzword for this season. Many celebrities are now following the age-old mantra of keeping it simple. Slimmed down to perfection, with definite sculpted lines, these aviator frames are tailored, sleek and all about the strength.

It’s official! Geek Chic has become the talk of the town. Channel your inner nerd with these metal eyewear trends from John Jacobs and give your eyes some retro styled love.

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