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Shine-On, Shade-Off: Get The Best Of Both Worlds!

Shine-On, Shade-Off: Get The Best Of Both Worlds!

Clip-on sunglasses are making a massive comeback in fashion. They’re functional, they’re practical, and they’re really cool. If you wear prescription glasses regularly and want to switch to your shades, you'll no longer need to buy two separate sets of frames, and won’t have to carry two different cases either. 

Clip-on sunnies, undoubtedly, give you the best of both worlds and also a great deal if you want to save some money. And just imagine the gif potential for Instagram! 

The Geek Chic Rounds - 

An evergreen shape with a stylish metallic clip-on, the eyeglasses are masterfully rendered in Italian acetate, and the clip-ons are made from stainless steel that’ll shake up your style and add a seriously fun vibe to it. Pair these classic frames with pastel colours and make a bold statement. 

The Fiery Cat-Eyes - 

An on-trend shape that has been sported by top female celebrities, the cat-eyes remain a popular choice with the ladies. We’ve given this stunning shape a modern update with a sporty steel clip-on and gold detailing on its brow bar.

The Edgy Squares- 

Clean lines, balanced proportions, and a sturdy fit. That's what you get with these clip-on frames that make for a great first impression. These frames won’t overwhelm your face while giving you the UV protection you need on a sunny day. People with rounded facial features will love this style as they add some sharpness to their otherwise soft features.

The clip-on sunnies trend is here to stay. Make the most of these super versatile styles from John Jacobs that are efficient and in-vogue at the same time, without burning a hole in your pockets.

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