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Pop-Culture Meets Eye-Fashion

Pop-Culture Meets Eye-Fashion


5 Pop-Culture Queens & Their Iconic Eye-Fashion


Lights, concerts, press and never-ending studio sessions - the blueprint for becoming a true pop-star is layered and complex. However, what turns a star into an icon? The fashion, of course. The myriad, creative expressions of individuality that blossom through an artist’s work and public persona. From Ariana Grande’s signature ponytail to Lady Gaga’s artistic sartorial approach, Queens of pop-culture exert a significant influence on the cycles of fashion.

The same influence is extended to cultural aspects. Artists like Taylor Swift and Dua Lipa have made women across the globe feel seen. With music that surpasses borders and cultures, these Queens ruled the roost unapologetically - while also serving us ace eye-fashion moments in their music videos! 

Today, we celebrate their iconic rise and their fearless eyewear moments. Here are 5 legendary icons, who have aced the eye-fashion game in their videos and visuals. Read on!


1. We Go Up, Nicki Minaj ft. Fivio Foreign

The Queen of Rap once said “I get what I desire, it’s my empire” and she definitely plays by her own rules. Her videos are often a stunning display of coveted, statement eye-pieces. In her music video ‘We Go Up’, Nicki is seen wearing bold acetate sunglasses with vibrant colours and eye-catching prints. The leopard-printed sunnies are the ‘baddest’ of them all!

If you’re looking to channel her iconic gaze, sunglasses like Ibisco are a must-have. Featuring an oversized silhouette and chunky details, these head-turners are perfect for those who strut with unflappable confidence. Our Debbie frames are also a choice as iconic as this high-octane music video.


2. Wildest Dreams, Taylor Swift

She’s got that red-lip, classic thing that you like. Taylor Swift is one of the most relevant, and timeless icons of the Millennial generation. In her lush, and stylistically shot MV for ‘Wildest Dreams’ she is seen in romantic, vintage ensembles that are perfectly accessorised with the classic cat-eye.

You can easily recreate the Grammy winner’s sophisticated look with a polka-dotted scarf, sundress and our Selina frames. With a sleek cat-eye silhouette, and clean detailing, these sunglasses are versatile and refined.


3. Flowers, Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus’s most recent release ‘Flowers’ is all about self-love and empowerment. Be it the gold YSL dress or the classic black lingerie set, her music video ensembles symbolise the power of self-love and confidence.

Eye-pieces like Forest and Oxbow are excellent for creating an edgy and confident look. These sunnies elevate every outfit, be it a little black dress or super-sized denims. Take a cue from Miley, don’t forget to buy yourself flowers and hold your own hand - you know, ‘cause you can love yourself better than anyone else can!


4. Thank You, Next, Ariana Grande

Not a Pop fan alive can refute the unmistakable influence of Ariana Grande’s ‘Thank You, Next’ era. The video for this titular track recreated scenes from cherished rom-com movies. Ariana’s wardrobe was heavily inspired by iconic characters like Elle from Legally Blonde, and so was her eye-fashion.

The contrast created by black rims and pink lenses featured in our Ibisco sunglasses is sure to make you stand out. If you want a deeper colour, you can also opt for Timor. Crafted using Italian Acetate, these sunglasses have an eye-catching texture.


5. New Rules, Dua Lipa

The break-up anthem of the decade, ‘New Rules’ gave us a lot to learn from, be it about life or fashion. For instance, Dua Lipa’s yellow-tinted sunglasses taught us to embrace fresher hues and flaunt brighter looks. With a structured shape and rich intensity, sunnies like these are a vacay essential.

As they say, the devil is in the details. We are hinting at the unique nose bridge of course featured in our Queenscliff and Laurent tints. If you’d like to tone down the edge and level-up the classic appeal of your look, opt for Hearst. These eyecons are outfitted with light-sensitive DynaChromic lenses.


While these music videos feature remarkable eyewear, they also have underlying themes that resonate with the zeitgeist. Exuding self-love and perfecting their craft, these Queens are transforming the way we look at the world, and ourselves.

Alexa, play the Queens Of Pop-Culture playlist. BRB- we’re off to twerk, twirl and tap our feet to their awe-inspiring discography. Happy International Women’s Day!


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