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Perception Meets Future

Perception Meets Future


AI, Eyewear And Altered Reality: 3 Exciting Ways AI Will Impact Your Vision


Think of evolution and how far the human race has come. Does the word ‘technology’ pop into your mind? If yes, we’re about to take your perspective on technology to a whole new level. 

While the world of communication and entertainment have seen massive growth in technology, the eyewear industry is not far behind. Could smart glasses outsmart your vision? Will AI really make our lives simpler and smoother? Will the lines between reality and Augmented Reality blur further? Let’s find out what the future looks like!


1. Artificial Intelligence Meets Emotional Intelligence  

Imagine stepping into a job interview at your dream company. You are nervous and the only way you can calm down is by knowing what’s going on in your interviewer’s mind. This may not be possible right now but it could be the reality of the future. 

According to Devin Lidell, a futurist from Teague, the future is about to be more emotionally intelligent than ever. He believes that computer vision systems would soon be capable of interpreting subtle emotional cues. Glasses integrated with such systems will be able to provide psychological and physiological information about others. 

The application of such technology is vast. From politics and work to dating and other social interactions, gear up to reframe your point of view.


2. Smart Glasses

Augmented Reality (AR) has already started showing up in our camera phones and soon it’ll be more accessible and affordable through glasses. Smart glasses can successfully provide real time information about your surroundings. The possibilities are immense. 

Power of AR can be harnessed to make navigation easier, translation instant and make life much easier overall. Prepare to unlock new levels of gaming, entertainment, travel and social interactions!


3. Mixed Reality

Artificial Intelligence is designed to imitate human behaviour. Once fed with enough data, your personal smart glasses can function in a customised manner, according to your schedule and vision needs. For instance, providing you with navigation prompts based on your interests when you visit a new city. These glasses will be able to anticipate your requirements and adapt accordingly. 

Features like built-in light detectors and side cameras make it possible to provide you with custom vision based on your surroundings. You’ll be able to see things that may not be visible to the naked eye. Photosensitive lenses (lenses that change colours on exposure to sunlight) and 360 degree vision will be only a click away. Mixed reality renders can have a huge impact on anticipating how a completed interior project or the layout of a hotel room will look in real-time.



While the advancements are nothing short of exciting, they do come with their own set of problems. AI and AR are tools that can be very easily misused. They can also raise concerns over privacy, since the cameras will be recording people without their consent. Even with these limitations, the future of eyewear is all things transformative. 

While the experts figure out how to make this a safer technology, you can explore our eyewear. Our glasses are made with cutting-edge technology but they are yet to be integrated with AI. Go on and try them out!


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