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Our Super Easy And Breezy Guide To Finding The Right Frames For Your Face Shape.

Our Super Easy And Breezy Guide To Finding The Right Frames For Your Face Shape.

Finding an ultra-flattering pair of glasses can help you flaunt your style. Eyeglasses have emerged as a signature fashion accessory, to the point that even celebrities frequently wear them to red carpet events. And if chosen correctly, they can make you look more attractive by harmonizing your facial features. All you need is a frame shape that enhances your face perfectly.

If you have a diamond, oblong or triangular face, this guide will help you in making the right decision. From the latest eyewear designs to the face shapes they suit, we have listed below everything you need to know.

Diamond Shape: Emphasise Your Cheekbones-

If you have a diamond-shaped face, well you’ve got great cheekbones, and it would be a shame to hide their charm with an ill-fitting pair of eyeglasses. This shape is characterised by a narrow forehead, a pointy chin, and wide cheekbones. There’s a lot of room for you because this face has both angular and curvy features. Semi-rimless glasses would be a great contrast to the chin, whereas the upswept style of cat-eyes would emphasize your cheekbones to the fullest.


Oblong shape: Add Width To Your Face-

If you have an oblong face shape, you’ve hit the jackpot. This shape is extremely versatile. The faces are longer in shape than they are wide, with a forehead and a jawline that are mostly equal in width. Almost any frame shape would look good on you. We’d suggest you add width to your face by choosing a cool pair of round or rectangular eyeglasses. These shapes would balance your face and bring focus to your eyes.


Triangle Face: Balance The Wide Jawline-

If you have a wide jawline and a narrow forehead, you have a triangular face shape. People with this shape look younger than their actual age. To balance out the prominent jawline, and give the illusion of a broader forehead, look for frames that are heavier at the top and lighter at the bottom, like these browline aviator glasses. And if you want to make a bolder statement, round frames will make an interesting juxtaposition to the angular features.

Finding a pair that will complement your face and bring a natural balance to it is an easy task. If you have a round, square, oval or heart-shaped face, you could visit our face shape guide to know more about the styles that’ll suit you. Choose your favourite frame from John Jacobs and accentuate your facial features.  

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