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Lipsticks, Eyeliners, And Frames: 5 Makeup Tips For Looking Gorgeous In Glasses.

Lipsticks, Eyeliners, And Frames: 5 Makeup Tips For Looking Gorgeous In Glasses.

Glasses and eye makeup can be the perfect companions as each can complement the other very well if applied properly. Glasses usually draw attention to the eyes, making them the focus of the face, and eye makeup accentuates them further to create a unique look. Finding the right mix with the two can seem difficult. But all you need are some tips and techniques to master the art.

When applying eye makeup for glasses, you should avoid heavy makeup and concentrate on a neat, clean and tidy style that gives definition to your eyes. We've listed below the 5 makeup tips that will highlight your eyes, even behind those ultra-chic pair of frames.

Curl Those Eyelashes-

Curling your eyelashes is a great way of wearing mascara, without the fear of them scratching the lenses of your frames. Use a regular curler and highlight those lashes to make your eyes stand out.

Choose Lighter Shades For Your Lids-

When it comes to eye shadow, choose a neutral or light coloured shade. A darker shade will magnify the undertones around the eyes, making them look tired and swollen.

Match The Thickness Of The Frames And The Liner-

Ladies, always remember to match the thickness of your liner with the thickness of the rims. This trick will make sure that your liner does not disappear behind those frames. Also, the colour of the liner should be a shade lighter than the colour of your frames. This will ensure that your frames don’t overpower your makeup.

Conceal Those Shadows Under Your Eyes-

Wearing eyeglasses is likely to leave shadows under your eyes. They intensify the dark circles as well as the puffy bags. Brighten up the under-eye area by applying a blending concealer to make it appear smooth and flawless.

A Transparent Setting Powder On The Nose Pads-

Transparent setting powder can do wonders for your makeup. Apply it on the nose pads and all the areas where the glasses touch your skin. This trick will prevent your foundation from rubbing off, making it stay for long.

Combining makeup with frames is an art. Find the perfect glasses that match your personality and expression at John Jacobs. 

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