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Cool & Compact Frames For Those With A Smaller Face.

Cool & Compact Frames For Those With A Smaller Face.


Here’s a fun fact for you - not all eyewear styles suit all face sizes. The most important thing to remember is to look for frames as per the size of your face. Below, we’ve listed our best selling frames that come in small sizes and will look great on those with a smaller face.


Retro-Inspired Metalworks -

A bold and characteristic vintage-inspired design, crafted in Supreme Steel, this frame is all you need to reinvigorate your style statement. The harmonious colours, the relaxing fit and the strength of steel together make this pair one of our favourites for its sheer elegance.


Fun-Filled Acetate -

If you want to bring out the fun and playful side of your personality, acetate frames are a great choice. They are high on shine and super comfortable and will make you feel effortlessly cool. The gorgeous tortoise-shell pattern combined with the wayfarer shape makes these glasses one-of-a-kind.


Flexible & Trendy TR Flex -

You don't have to think twice about these head-turners. The colourful style will grab attention while the lightweight material will make you sway in comfort. So get ready to add a flexible & stylish twist to your wardrobe with these frames.


Whether you are looking for frames to create a powerful impression at work or an eclectic vibe for weekends, at John Jacobs, you can choose from multiple designs and slay the day.


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