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Bohemian Eye-Fashion 101

Bohemian Eye-Fashion 101


5 Eye-Catching Trends That Ruled The Desert At Coachella' 23


Hello risk-takers, we have a surprise in waiting! From bold accessories to statement crochets, we’re here with the best of bohemian fashion from the most iconic music festival ever!

A glamorous mix of edgy experiments and bohemian jewellery, Coachella fashion did not disappoint this year. Like always, accessories were a game-changer, specifically sunglasses. From retro looks to sunset tints, here’s a closer look at the most spotted eye-fashion trends.


The 90s fashion is known for its sleek and narrow sunglasses. The trend made its comeback a couple of years ago and is still quite popular. If you don’t own a similar pair, it’s fair to say that you must get them ASAP. This trend is here to stay.

You can choose the perfect pair from our collection of sleek sunglasses. Particularly, sunnies like Debbie and Bora are great picks for channeling this style aesthetic.


No matter what others may say, sticking to classics is rarely a bad idea. Take a cue from Shawn Mendes and wear your style with pride. His classic black sunglasses look stunning and feature subtle details on the temples, a trick to remember if you want to elevate your look in a subtle way.

Our new collection JJ Rhapsody is a great starting point, if you want statement jewel-toned temples like these. Morton’s chunky rims and temples stand out in an understated way. You can opt for them for a bold yet classic appeal. For a more sparkling look, try the Peterson sunnies.


Like Nicki Minaj said, ‘why be simple, when you can be stunning’.  If you’re drawn to this quote, this trend is definitely for you. Bold embellishments on the temples were a popular scene at Coachella this year. Suki Waterhouse’s frames showcase a stunning contrast between a dark-toned body and jewel-toned accents.

Perfect for brave-hearts, Grange’s chunky rims are both bold and extravagant. You can pick from four different colours and textures, and channel your inner diva!


Light sunset tints are a must-have in your vacation bag. Be it a music festival in a desert or summer escape to a quaint beach, a pair like this can elevate all of your sunny scenes. On a related note, this pair is the key to keeping your summer aesthetic as breezy and glamorous as Alessandra Ambrosio.

Refined, metallic rims, like the ones in Osbourne, are perfect for evening parties. They easily transition from a daytime accessory to an evening one. You can also check out other similar glasses like Louvre and Poole from our collection.


Did you know that round glasses were the first ever glasses to be used? Cut to years later and not much has changed. Round glasses were one of the most prominent trends at Coachella and we aren’t complaining. These lightweight, retro-inspired sunglasses are sleek, versatile and perfectly in-sync with Labyrinth's music.

JJ’s round sunglasses feature exquisite craftsmanship. You can choose from seamless metallic sunnies or vibrant acetate ones for a retro aesthetic. Frames like Coltrane and Verde have refined rims, and are extremely lightweight to wear for long hours.


Be it a summer playlist or a lookbook, breezy and cool vibes are a must. Coachella 2023 was the definition of fresh and vibrant fashion. Not only did it set new style standards for the season, but also inspired our summer moodboard.

Which one of these sunglasses or outfits are you most drawn towards? Tell us in the comments!

 Picture Credits: Getty Images, Instagram/Alessandra Ambrosio 

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