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Cast A Spell With Tortoiseshell.

Cast A Spell With Tortoiseshell.

An absolute classic, tortoise-shell glasses have a vintage feel about them that suits every face shape and size. The rich patterns & speckled brown hues make sure that they flatter your face and add warmth to your look.

We've revamped the tortoise-shell trend and have given it a modern update, with bright and unique tones that vary from electric peaches to traditional browns.

Below are 3 of our frames from the Rich Acetate collection. 

Traditional Browns-

Tortoiseshell browns are a versatile accessory. They're chic and are great for achieving that hipster-geeky look that everybody wants. The best thing about these frames is that they can go with any outfit - casual, preppy, or dressy.

New-Age Blacks- 

Wayfarer striped frames with rich detailing that embody contemporary design and refreshing. The thick rims are perfect for round faces, making them look more balanced. They also add an edge to fuller cheeks.

Electrifying Peaches- 

If you’re searching for a slender, stylized cat-eye frame that garners a lot of attention, and if you love to add to your vibe, then these are the frames for you. The tones are easy and subtle that enhance your eyes and outfits.

We've upped the ante so that you don't have to settle for outdated frames. Get ready to freshen up your view with new-age frames from John Jacobs.


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