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Black Is The New Black!

Black Is The New Black!

Black is a fashion constant for men and women alike. It’s a wardrobe staple, a go-to choice, and is an extremely versatile colour that can be worn on almost every occasion. In fact, many consider black to be the epitome of impeccable taste and elegance.

The little black dress emerged as a trending style in fashion for the chic, timeless and bold appeal of the colour. But that’s not where it ends. Black is also one of the most popular eyewear choices. Wherever you go, you will probably see a lot of people sporting glasses with black rims.

Black rim glasses have been around for a long time, and they have been popular with men and women of every generation. Below, we list some of our favourite black rim glasses that can do wonders for your style.

Vintage Vibes With Metal:

These Supreme Steel glasses blend delicate vintage details with contemporary materials. The wayfarer shape juxtaposes a matte metal brow line and a polished metal bridge for sartorial elegance that perfectly complements angular jawlines and narrow foreheads.


The Charm Of Rounds:

If you’re not into straight and defined lines, then these round glasses are the best pick for you. Channel the 70s geek chic look in your next party, with these ultra round frames that come with gold detailing on their rims.


Trendy Two-Tones:

Clean, dual-toned, and sophisticated - these frames add an understated style to your look. The modified wayfarer design boasts a slight curve to suit smaller faces and tapered jawlines. Pair these frames with any outfit, and you’ll make heads turn effortlessly.


Styles come and go, but black-rimmed glasses are here to stay and for all the right reasons! Find your favourite pair of little black eyeglasses from John Jacobs to create an evergreen style.


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