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Behind The Scenes With John Jacobs Eyewear.

Behind The Scenes With John Jacobs Eyewear.

Eyeglasses have evolved from a necessity to the ultimate fashion accessory. People love to sport new styles and experiment with glasses. They are cool and can take your style up a notch.

As more and more brands enter this space, the choices for colours, shapes, and materials are becoming endless. But what most brands are not telling you is how your glasses are made. At John Jacobs, we are all about transparency and honesty. So we thought it’s time you know how your frames are manufactured and take you where the magic happens.

Let’s begin with acetate.

Why & What Is Acetate?

Acetate frames are one of the biggest trends in the eyewear industry, providing the twin benefit of being a style statement and an eco-friendly option. Acetate is a synthetic fibre derived from natural raw materials such as wood and cotton fibres. From being sturdy to temperature resistant, there are numerous benefits of using acetate eyeglasses. We, at John Jacobs, source our acetate from the finest Italian design house - Mazzucchelli.


Milling The Frame Shape:

The raw acetate is cut into a general frame shape, using a CNC machine. These machines are highly automated, for unerring precision and accuracy. Next, the nose pads are attached to the frames, and the face fronts are milled into the exact shape of the eyewear - be it a rectangle, or a cat-eye, or any other shape.


Polishing The Frames:

The next step is to add the gloss and finish to the frames. The cut frames, along with the temples, are put into a tumbling machine with wooden chips that are rotated at high speed, for over 54 hours.

Hinges and Temples:

The face fronts are pressed to add curves to the frames for a better fit and comfort. The hinges are attached, and the logos are embossed on the temples. Lastly, the frames are assembled together. Each frame goes through an intensive 3-step quality check that ensures the fit, finish and alignment. 

Your frames are now ready! Choose your favourite design from John Jacobs, add your power details, and your glasses will reach you within 7-10 business days. Now you’re all set for a new look. Don’t forget to take lovely pictures and tag @johnjacobseyewear on Instagram.


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