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Daring Must-Haves Of '23

Daring Must-Haves Of '23


Eyes On Edge: 5 Offbeat Eyewear Trends 


There are two types of fashion enthusiasts in the world. The type to relishes in classics, and the type that only reached out for the most unconventional piece on the rack. If you belong to the latter category, this read is for you. 

You may or may not have noticed, but for us glasses are more than just visual aids. They're a game changer. Scroll on to embrace the extraordinary with offbeat, yet wearable trends. Fair warning, these aren’t for everyone!


1. Capture Colour Blocking

Choosing just one colourway is tough. Picking one style with multiple colours? Not so much. This trend lets you channel a bold and vibrant aesthetic, giving you a fair reason to choose dual toned, multitextured frames the next time you step out. 

Our Newman frames are an easy upgrade from the usual, oversized styles. These rich acetate frames feature a bold-rimmed design, alongside a warm-toned colour palette.


2. Elevated Core Classics 

When you think of classic eyewear, monotones come to mind. But that’s not what this trend is about. We’re talking classic colours in funky compositions. Elements like contrasting rims and stand-out silhouettes bring an unexpected twist to an otherwise simple pair of sunnies.


3. Not Just A Nose Bridge! 

Who knew the most functional part of glasses could be such a game changer! It’s time to move on from the simplistic nose bridges and opt for a refreshed version of it. Think bigger and bolder.

Rainey and Dael are perfect examples of how an elevated nose bridge can instantly upscale your look. They both feature a unique, emboldened nose bridge, designed to catch the eye. You can also opt for Walker for a more statement look.


4. A Twist On Tortoiseshell 

Tortoiseshell is the new black of the eyewear world. It’s classic, easy to style and gives your look just the right amount of oomph. This classic pattern gets an even more striking update this year. Instead of the usual browns and blacks, experiment with playful and vibrant colours.

From Greyson to Thom, you can choose from multiple shades of tortoiseshell. These frames are crafted in Italian cellulose acetate to give you vibrancy and prolonged shelf life.


5. Bejewelled Temples FTW

While we all love the minimalist designs, it's hard to turn away from a sparkling upgrade. Especially when it comes with dazzling jewels and embellishments. Once you try this trend, there’s no looking back.

Our collection Gilded Jewels imbibes the essence of this trend. From decorative temples to dainty hues, it is the ultimate destination for all things beautiful. It’s hard playing favourites with this collection.


All set to embrace the extraordinary with these offbeat eyewear trends? In case you are worried, don't be, these glasses are easy to pull off. All you need is a touch of confidence!

Go on and give your vision an offbeat upgrade. 


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