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Are You Wearing The Right Type Of Glasses.

Are You Wearing The Right Type Of Glasses.

Imagine wearing the same pair of shoes everywhere you go. Or for that matter, would you wear your work essentials to a fancy party? The answer is a big no. Most of us have multiple pairs of shoes and clothes to match the occasion, our style, and fashion trends. And yet, we forget to do the same for our eyes.

Below, we list the 3 types of glasses that you need for every day.

Prescription Glasses -

For those with an eye-power, your everyday pair of eyeglasses are essential to your life. And hence, it’s important to make sure that they are comfortable, fashionable, and sturdy. Add a chic touch to your outfits with glasses that define your style.

Digital Protection Glasses -

What most people don’t realize is that digital eye strain can lead to blurry vision, difficulty in focusing, headache, dry and irritated eyes, over time. Limiting your usage of digital screens might not be possible, but protecting your eyes from the harmful UV rays and blue light is. All you need are glasses with Blu Cut Lenses. Even if you don’t need prescription correction, these glasses are still beneficial for anyone who works in an office setting or uses digital devices throughout the day.

Polarized Sunglasses -

We all know that sunglasses are a must when we step out in the sun. Plus, they add a style quotient to our outfits. When we say polarized, we mean lenses that are coated with a chemical film. Polarized sunnies protect your eyes from the sun’s glare, especially while driving. Not just that, they also prevent UV rays from damaging your eyes.

The eyewear you choose can make or break your style and eye health. Make sure that you partner the right type of frames according to their benefits. At John Jacobs, you can choose frames from a massive collection that fit all your needs.


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